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I will be back. I know I just created my account, but I have to study and stuff. Good night vietnam

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lmao! username checks out

I don’t, but I have made friends with some of the workers there, they bring me shiny new rocks every week. I see this as an absolute win

Nothing to worry about.

who was worrying 😂 I was having delusions of grandeur.

All kidding aside, thank you for your answer, you most probably are right but there is still a small possibilty that I performed a miracle 😶

Or another explanation is that

so, no chance I am God? :(

lol, jk. It’s not connected to wifi so I guess the second possibility makes more sense.

Can qbittorrent lie to me?
I connected my phone to my laptop and turned on USB tethering and removed all my sims from my phone, but it was still showing upload and download values and some torrents were downloading and uploading. How is this possible if I have 0 internet? I mean, my phone wasn't connected to wifi and my laptop was still getting internet. Somewhat weird I think? What are the possible explanations here? If there are no possible explanations, can I declare this a miracle and myself GOD!? :) ![](

as cancers go, this one seems better than the usual ones.

This is the solution, but I feel like this should not include the posts you have posted (at least not while you are browsing through your own profile) Thank you btw

hey no, I had ticked off Show Read Posts and it was causing all them problems. Thank you for your help though. It’s [SOLVED]

[SOLVED] Lemmy won't show me my posts while being logged in
Go to [Settings]( > Scroll Down > Tick `Show Read Posts` > `SAVE` Solution: ![]( ----------------------- ![]( ![]( --------------------- Without being logged in: ![]( PS: I also have an account on and this shit just works over there.


They are available on xfce right? Thank you btw! I will give it a go if my current setup fails

I didn’t know about birdtray. I don’t know how but Gnome Calendar (Flatpak) + Evolution seems to be giving me background notifications for now. I looked at Birdtray it was 700mbs or something, I don’t see the point of Flatpaks being that huge. I mean, I need to buy a new laptop if I need to run all flatpak. Anyways, thank you!

[SOLVED] Need a Thunderbird/Evolution alternative which can send me notifs in the background [xfce MX Linux]
[Gnome Calendar Flatpak + Evolution seems to do this fine] `/usr/libexec/evolution-data-server/evolution-alarm-notify` seemed to be notifying me of tasks. Thank you for all the help. Some relevant command which might have helped me get the alarm notification thing working backup: ----------------------------- I need Calendar but **EVERY** app I have tried so far doesn't support background notifications or don't run on my system. I want one good app, flatpak or not which can 1. Notify me of tasks, to do lists etc 2. Give me notifications for the mails I receive. I don't know why, even evolution won't do this for me. Thank you for your help! I installed flatpak Gnome Calendar after using 1 GB of internet bandwidth but no luck

As for superconductivity, the only way around that problem is to download from source, compile it and let it run natively on your system in the background, or add it to you auto startup list so it is running at boot time.

thank you very much for the answer. But yeah, I doubt if there is a way to do that here. I would keep it open always ig! not ideal, but yeah, no other way. I like that concept of snaps and appimages, but they should only develop apps which don’t require background notifs like idk or some note taking app or file managers and stuff! Not a productivity app!

[SOLVED] Snaps won't send background notifications
edit: It can't send notifs :( ------------------------------ Is there a way to fix this? I am using an app called Superproductivity, it's a productivity app where you can schedule tasks and keep track of them. Now, the trouble is, it won't run in the background and it won't send me notifications. This seems to be common for all Snaps I have installed, is there a way to solve this and make it notify me even when it's not open? Also, it also have an app image, do app images have the capacity to notify when they are not open? I have heard they can't run in the background. Thank you to everyone who try to help me here :)

What kind of people frequent on forums?
edit: I ain't complaining. If reddit engagement is dying and forums are taking it's place, ![]( Forums are more private and I generally hate reddit :) I want to know just who these people are? I mean, the success of forums have been a surprise to me. And recently, in my experience Tech reddits (linux distros and such) haven't been getting as much attention as they used to get. If I have a question regarding MX Linux or someone has asked a question regrading it, it seems reasonable to me that I would find it on Reddit. Since there are generally more people on reddit than on forums and reddit is like a super forum with almost everything under the sun attached to it and showing up in your feed. So, I might not be passionate enough to just stay on MX forum, but I will get enough variety on reddit that I will be able to stay interested and browse it more. I don't know enough about MX Linux to frequent the forums, not do I want to know/read every small issue someone else has. But, if I come across a post on reddit while I am just browsing through my feed, I will make sure I try to help them as much as possible, but yeah, I don't see myself going to forums to try and help people. So, I don't get why forums are so successful. Are there really so many people to frequent forums and provide answers to people who seem to be in trouble. I love MX but it's not my passion and frankly, I am surprised that there are many people for whom it seems like it is.

You will never find a satisfying answer to this question because there isn’t one and social relationships are not transactional. Acknowledgements are nice, upvotes or comments but no one really expects replies.

thank mate! I will consider this from now on

thank you! that’s intersting. I have had scripts ruined due to this. I thought markdown did that by default at least when code blocks are on

How does a polite and grateful person navigate the internet?
I care a lot about what other people think (not good) and if someone tries to help or helps me, I can't stay without saying thank you. I really want to thank people who comment on my posts. But many times I ask a lot of questions and I thus reply to a lot of comments and try to be polite and show how grateful I am. So, now, I have seen many people abandoning their posts after they get their answer without upvotes or replies or followups, I am pretty sure they are better at time management than I am. Now, what do you think? What is the right way to behave when you post and random strangers help you? I know you all don't think about me all the time and if you made a comment you probably will forget about it, so is it ok to just upvote and forget even the people who help you? I have an exam in a few months and I should not be wasting my time rn, what would you do if you were in my place? Don't say "dont' create posts" because I like the people here and the answers they give, but yeah, it's a hell of a job to reply "satisfactorily". Again, should I just "upvote and ignore"? Also, I just want to say that people here are amazing. You guys are very helpful! Like, especially on c/linux! Such helpful communities are one of the things that make Linux great and more usable! Thank you to the folks at c/linux btw

I don’t know why, this happens sometimes and doesn’t happen other times. I don’t know the cause of it.

& & & this didn’t happen now

and symbol gets replaced by "&" everywhere on Lemmy
Is this a known issue? If you type in ![]( somewhere it will be replaced by ![]( Don't get me started on how this messes up linux commands and scripts, Is this a me problem or a lemmy problem? I need to study, if this is a known problem, then fine, but if it isn't then it needs to be reported.

Is there a repository of shortcuts that no major website will use / no major distro uses?
Trying to assign a lot of custom shortcuts to my keys. So, I want two key combinations which are unlikely to used by other websites/distros. I use MX Linux 21 xfce btw. Also, is there a way to know what your systems current shortcuts are? I am pretty sure not many websites use `Windows button + _____` shortcuts, so if I know what shortcuts to avoid, I can create many shortcuts as a combination of `Windows Button`

What is FOSS answer to BingGPT & Google Bard?
There was a post asking people their opinions about `Edge` and many people seemed to liked the idea of `Edge` and seemed to be ok having it on Linux (Blasphemy) Also, can we all agree how fast `Edge` went from joke to a threat? I mean, it's good now alright! It was good back then, but it's better now. Money man!!! Money! Personally I hate MS, but I can't help but see the fact that there is no alternative to Bing GPT and many features Bing offers on Linux. If there is an open source ChatGPT how would it look? Who would bear the costs? How would we solve the server problem? i.e., it would take a ton of server space and bandwidth. Just wondering. I am pretty sure MS products will improve greatly due to their integration with GPT what do us poor folks on Linux do? Just want to know the answers, I don't want to discuss (aka can't comment, I need to study), but just curious!

What apps/windows support --drop-down option? [MX-Linux-21 xfce]
I like the fact that on MX `F4` button is associated with `xfce4-terminal --drop-down`. I can just press `F4` to open or close it and it won't be another window and it won't take space on my panel and if I don't press `Alt+F4` and exit from the drop-down terminal, it will keep the session going without appearing on panel or on tabs when you press `Alt + Tab`. Too many windows don't help the switching process and I don't know what other option there is to switch other than press `Alt+F4` or manually click on the icons (which I don't like to do) Now, what apps support --drop-down options? and is there a way to make more apps support this feature? ----------------- Also, is there a better ways to swtich tabs rather than press on the `icon` or `Alt+Tab`? ------------------- Also guys, what do you use to switch tabs when you have to see refer many windows at once? Having a bigger screen probably helps, but yeah, what do poor folks do? I remember having some nice feature in Gnome where if you press a button every tab active will be visible and it had a nice interface to it, anyone know how to do that on MX xfce?

Can I turn on NSFW posts on lemmy?
I mean, I don't want to see graphic content or sexual content, I like lemmy without it. But, there is no NSFW 2 tag, i.e., no graphic images but posts which are not safe for work. I am ok with text nsfw posts but not with ones which includes images. So, are nsfw posts (say graphic images but not porn) allowed on lemmy? If I turn on nsfw posts would I get text posts along with graphic images and stuff? Just asking -------------- Also, do you like the fact that lemmy doesn't have the karma system that reddit does? What do you think about it?

[SOLVED] How to install this particular driver on Linux ['Microdia USB 2.0 Camera']
Thank you! You folks just are the best! SOLUTION: Follow this thread! --------------- I noticed that my webcam wasn't working and I thought maybe it had some driver missing. ``` (base) bob@bob:~ $ lsusb Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0c45:6363 Microdia USB 2.0 Camera ``` so I created a probe using `` app image and it found that I had this hardware component that wasn't working. and it also has this in the website ![]( Now, I searched for this exact keyword and found this driver lying around a little known guy's repository called `linux`. Now, I don't know how to install it. So, how do I install this? ![](

Give me a good FOSS alternative to Youtube
edit: Peertube seems to be having a limit to how much you can upload, say 5-50gbs, how do big creators with lots of videos do their work here? edit: Peertube is freaking chaotic, it's like I need to read a book before I start using it. I want something which is intuitive and FOSS and Odysee though a lil complex is/was that. edit: interestingly, no one has suggested anything but Peertube, I had though it too works on lbry protocol, but it doesn't. I don't need one, but does anyone have a platform which depends on lbry protocol? I like FOSS and thus a few months ago I resolved to never post videos on youtube (no matter how low quality) I though odysee was a good alternative, apparently not. It takes ages to upload videos and it isn't freaking working rn. I just uploaded this video (for an hour) and it won't even play! I tried to register an account on TILvids, a platform which works on LBRY and I just wasn't able to publish videos because I had to ask some admin for a quota or some thing. TILvids thing has been going on for a month now (as in I requested the admin 1 month ago and they haven't responded yet) So, what is that one FOSS alternative to youtube which won't suck life out of you. Also, is it possible to just move your content from odysee to some other platform. Because it has been frustrating to use Odysee but I have tolerated it because it isn't yt, but now even I am giving up on it. > I want to just upload Linux videos and not require someone’s approval like TILvids, what platform inside peertube should I use

[BADASS SUGGESTION] Allow us to add attributes to images so we can resize it while we post
I am not going to create a issue for this, but if there is a previous issue mentioning this I would like to ask for this feature. When we post, we get something like `![](` and it's not resizable. It is stuck at the size we copied it unless we open KolorPaint (or some other application) and resize it, we can't do anything else on lemmy. **Now, my suggestion is allow me to resize it on the go by allowing attributes into this** `![]( | size)` What y'all think? Please create a feature request for this, I don't know how to and I don't have a github acc (I am lying but yeah, pls)

[SOLVED] Installing Waydroid on MX-Linux
Apparently, MX doesn't support Waydroid but you can install waydroid anyways by doing this -------------------------- **OS: MX x86\_64 | Kernel: 6.0.0-6mx-amd64 | Shell: bash 5.1.4** `Linux version 6.0.0-6mx-amd64 (`[``](`) (gcc-10 (Debian 10.2.1-6) 10.2.1 20210110, GNU ld (GNU Binutils for Debian) 2.35.2) #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.0.12-1~mx21+1 (2022-12-15)` So, I added the repo using command `curl` [``]( `| sudo bash` (this adds the repo right) ![]( Apparently, it was supposed to show me my distro and it didn't. So, I want to know what I should give as the `-s ` value. Also, the iso though which I installed `MX-Linux` reads `MX-21.3_ahs_x64` And when I try to update my system I don't know what the script was supposed to do but it looks like it just ran sudo apt update and nothing else. **___**

What can you do on Linux that you can't do on Windows?
edit: hey guys, 60+ comments, can't reply from now on, but know that I am grateful for your comments, keep the convo going. Thank you to the y'all people who gave unbiased answers and thanks also to those who told me about `Waydroid` and `Docker` edit: Well, now that's sobering, apparently I can do most of these things on Windows with ease too. I won't be switching back to Windows anytime soon, but it appears that my friend was right. I am getting FOMO Fear of missing out right now. I do need these apps right now, but there are some apps on Windows for which we don't have a great replacement 1. Adobe 2. MS word (yeah, I don't like Libre and most of Libre Suit) it's not as good as MS suite, of c, but it's really bad. 3. Games ( a big one although steam is helping bridge the gap) 4. Many torrented apps, most of these are Windows specific and thus I won't have any luck installing them on Linux. 5. Apparently windows is allowing their users to use some Android apps? Torrented apps would be my biggest concern, I mean, these are Windows specific, how can I run them on Linux? Seriously, I want to know how. Can wine run most of the apps without error? I am thinking of torrenting some educational software made for Windows. --------------------------- -------------------------- Let me list the customizations I have done with my xfce desktop and you tell me if I can do that on Windows. I told my friend that I can't leave linux because of all the customization I have done and he said, you just don't like to accept that Windows can do that too. Yeah, because I think it can't do some of it (and I like Linux better) But yeah, let's give the devil it's due, can I do these things on Windows? 1. I have applications which launch from terminal eg: `vlc` would open vlc (no questions asked, no other stuff needed, just type vlc) 2. Bash scripts which updates my system (not completely, snaps and flatpaks seem to be immune to this). I am pretty sure you can't do this on Windows. 3. I can basically automate most of my tasks and it has a good integration with my apps. 4. I can create desktop launchers. 5. Not update my system, I love to update because my updates aren't usually 4 freaking GB and the largest update I have seen has been 200-300 mbs, probably less but yeah, I was free to not update my PC if I so choose. Can you do this on Windows? And also, Linux updates fail less often, I mean, it might break your system, but the thing won't stop in the middle and say "Bye Bye, updates failed" and now you have to waste 4GB again to download the update. PS: You should always keep your apps upto date mostly for security reasons, but Linux won't force it on you and ruin your workflow. 6. Create custom panel plugin. ![]( 7. My understanding is that the Windows terminal sucks? I don't know why, it just looks bad. I am sure as hell there are more but this is at the top of my mind rn, can I do this on Windows. Also, give me something that you personally do on Linux but can't do it on Windows.

[SOLVED] Inaccurate readings from vnstat application
[SOLVED kinda] I now know the cause of this. I have scrcpy, syncthing and KDE connect working in the background. So, if I upload something from one device to another, it gets treated as upload using data bandwidth and it gets counted, even if I am not uploading it to the internet. -------------------- vnstat won't show me accurate data, it's estimates for today are 1.66 times greater than what it should be. If the data usage is 6 GB, it would show me that it is 10GB, pretty inaccurate readings. Is there a way to fix this? Also, sometimes it's 1.66 times and sometimes it more/less. It isn't accurate is my point. PS: I need it to be vnstat as I have a script which works on vnstat But, if there is another better package, do tell me about it. here is the script, (strictly not relevant) ``` #!/bin/bash eleven=$(vnstat --json | jq --arg day "$(date +'%d')" --arg month "$(date +'%m')" '.interfaces[0][] | select( == ($day | tonumber) and .date.month == ($month | tonumber)) | (.rx + .tx)/ (1024*1024*1024)') rounded_eleven=$(printf "%.2f" "$eleven") echo " $rounded_eleven GB" ``` > What are you comparing it to? I’m pretty sure vnstat is using the raw.interface counters. This would include all protocol overhead. I would expect it to be higher than, for example, an application level counter. **___**

[Quick Suggestion] Allow me to mute my own posts!
edit: Like this issue on Github (where Lemmy devs live) to get it fixed. ----------- I posted a good asklemmy thread and many people responded, trouble is I can't reply to all of them, there were some 400 comments, I am so irritated at receiving unnecessary notification I can't tell the difference between a reply to my comment that I ought to see or just a post comment which doesn't need me to reply. I saw the settings there are no options which will help me with this. ![]( ![]( Me after receiving 400+ comments on my post ![](

[SOLVED] How to view Download Speed and Upload Speed on Panel instead of conky?
[SOLVED] This seemed to have not worked before but on a closer look xfce package `xfce4-netload-plugin 1.4.0` works well. This was pre-installed into MX Linux and does the job. None of you seem to be using xfce, any reasons? ![]( -------------------------------------------- `MX x86_64 Xfce 4.18 Xfwm4` with panel `xfce4-panel` & `mx-conky` ![What I want]( [file of the conky on pastebin]( or ![]( is what I am after, I don't have a plugin for xfce that works. I have the config file for this particular file and I have uploaded it in pastebin, I can make it appear on panel if I get the command, but I don't know what command conky is using. I am pretty sure one can get that if they have access to this particular conky file. Unfortunately, I am not **THE ONE**. Are you **THE ONE**? If you are, then help me please :') ![](

[SOLVED] Monitoring Daily Data Usage on Linux
[SOLVED] Hurray! I did it! ![]( ----------------- Solution: You need to have `Generic monitor` [xfce link]( installed [available almost on every DE out there] Two finger Tap on `Panel` `Panel (dropdown) > Panel Preferences > Items > Add Item > Generic Monitor` ![]( In generic monitor give the exact location of the script like I have done here (also copy other details too) ![]( Now save Here's what is in the trial file ``` #!/bin/bash eleven=$(vnstat --json | jq --arg day "$(date +'%d')" --arg month "$(date +'%m')" '.interfaces[0][] | select( == ($day | tonumber) and .date.month == ($month | tonumber)) | (.rx + .tx) / (1024*1024*1024)') rounded_eleven=$(printf "%.2f" "$eleven") echo " $rounded_eleven GB" ``` And that' about it, for Network Usage Gouger you need `Network Monitor` Package [xfce4-netload-plugin]( You can see more into [here]( Adios! ----------------------- [ORIGINAL POST] edit: I am open to installing other packages, I ain't married to any of these packages. ![]( I have installed `vnstat` package and it's quite handy. I have a few questions about it though. 1. What is `rx` & `tx` mean in this package? `rx` stands for `received` `tx` stands for `transmission` Is there a command to check data usage on my system using this? I mean, I want to create a Add an item to my panel which will show me my daily data usage updating it every minute. Basically, I want to to see what the arrow points to **on the panel next to my date** and I want it to update it every minute. I have 1.5GBs of data a day and I usually am not able to use it efficiently or I use too early and spent hours without data. So, I want to try and handle this problem by monitoring my data. -------------------- Note: I want to measure gauge data speed here, not do a speed test on how fast my internet is. Also, I want to monitor the instantaneous rate of data usage and for that package `bwm-ng` does a great job, but I want to see in the panel and I want it to update every `0.5 s` how can I achieve this? I would like for a command to either view `red arrow` or the `black arrow` with the right mark depending upon which of them is `instantaneous data speed` ![]( ------------- Note to Future self: `rx` : `received` `tx` : `transmission` `lo` : `local loopback` `wlan0` : `ethernet`