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I have a small machine that creates super sonic sound (Sonic Soak), submerge that with the glasses in a bottle with soapy water. Turn on and wait around 3 minutes. You can see stream of dirt particles coming out of small crevices, I don’t think I can reach those with any wipe or cloth. The glasses is super clean after the process. But if I don’t have time and not home I use microfiber cloth

I hook my keyboard and mouse to a USB hub that can switch between two machines.

If both machines are on, they have their own monitors (one is a laptop) and a software (Multiplicity from Stardock) will handle the k&m through network as if it’s a single machine with multiple monitors. Usually the main PC is the primary machine.

If only one machine is on, I switch k&m with a button on the USB hub.

Well, being right doesn’t mean people have to like you tho… And most of the time people don’t like being told that they’re wrong too. So, that’s I guess where the downvotes came from.