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You can get counter top dish washers.

I don’t know how well they work, but they’re reasonably affordable.

We got an automatic cat feeder. It goes of at seven. Despite our objections, he spends the night outside unless it’s too cold or rainy.

Every morning, a few minutes before 7, he’s at the door meowing.

I’m amazed at his ability to tell time.

I’m hoping this is a joke or troll.

There are people that smart, but they should be smart enough to know that IQ is not for the super intelligent or the super un-intelligent.

Dude’s nouning an adjective. That’s a smart person move, and dude does it twice.

Imposter syndrome was a real problem for me.

One of the things that really helped with that for me was when a colleague I really respected confided in me about their imposter syndrome.

Edit up top: you lose points for the wrong they’re. I didn’t even notice it until now, so I also lose points.

Fair enough answer, but plenty of ways. That’s the point of the question. To hear people’s answers. Their creativity.

If you win the Nobel prize, you should reasonably be able to say you are really smart.

If you voted for Trump, you should reasonably be able to say that you are really dumb.

Additionally, lots of people know Dunning-Kruger about how dumb people overestimate themselves, but that has another part: smart people underestimate themselves.

That’s what they want you to think.

If they come out and say “I am very smart” everyone will make fun of them.

Eh. That probably means you’re right.

I learned how to make some very fancy furniture off of YouTube. There’s lots of excellent videos in techniques.

I remember woodworking for mere mortals being good when I was a beginner. (I’m still a beginner compared to plenty, but I can definitely design and build a bench on my own).

It gets like that.

Once you’re a few years in, you can’t really leave without starting over or being ABD, which is a really bad resume blemish (because it usually happens to people who aren’t smart enough for a PhD and get kicked out with the consolation prize).

Although, there is a really prominent researcher in my field who only has a master’s. It’s like, you know if I were on your committee, you could just staple a few of your papers together, and I would sign off on a PhD.

By the time you’ve done enough learning to get a PhD, writing a dissertation is not much trouble.

It’s been over ten years, do you want me to talk about mine? For a solid week? Unprepared?

No problem. I already have.

In the US, PhDs, in STEM at least, are fully funded. Either by research or teaching assistanship. This is the same as in Europe and students are frequently exchanged.

You’ll only be paying for yourself if you’re in art history or something stupid like that (even then you could get a TA) or you haven’t demonstrated that you’re smart enough to get a PhD.

Edit: it’s so weird how this completely factual statement has been so controversial. I actually went through this process.


PhDs in things like engineering are typically fully funded. They paid me while I did mine. It’s not much, but it’s enough to live on.

Art history, sure, you pay for yourself.

In STEM, you would get an RA or at least a TA.

A simple distro, like one for a raspberry pi, is also helpful.

Can we first define “salad”?

If it’s cold ingredients, mixed together, then wilted iceberg lettuce and a gas station dressing packet is salad.

So two.