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I need sloths, hummingbirds, monarch butterflies, raccoons and orang utans in my life, please.

They wished for that hundreds of thousands of years ago, so be careful what you wish for

My issue with labels is that they can also be imprisoning in some way. If you say; i am this, then you might feel that there is something wrong if you don’t fit in it a 100% But if they help, then good :-)

I think it’s a spectrum, ranging from being completely asexual to the other end of the range. Also, i would guess that the mind plays a big role in it too. For instance, people who have a very romantic nature - way of looking at relationships - will probably have other thoughts, feelings and expectations than people who are, say, more down to earth. It’s probably a mixture of bodily sensations, personality (both yours and the other’s) and mental thoughts about it.

Also, whether someone is open to attraction or not.

I would say to not let anyone or any book tell you what and how you are supposed to feel. Trying to put labels on oneself or others is not helpful at all.

Usually, the nervous people won’t make eye contact. And it’s not really an ‘in your face’ contact i make, i try to be a bit subtle about it, if that makes sense. I never had anyone react as if it was unpleasant. For the record, it’s not like i am this extravert person, i am very introverted and i had to learn this. But it was worth it.


And i make it a point to make sure i make everyone i meet feel heard and seen. So, i might wave at people collecting garbage, i make eye contact with the cassier en give them a warm smile, while wishing them a nice day. I might smile at random strangers in the street. I have had beautiful experiences doing this, and quite frequently people give me this startled look and then hesitantly smile back. And i do this sincerely, because i truly belief most people have a hard time already and i want to give them at least a nice moment in the day.

It makes life so much better. For people i meet and for myself as well.

Here are some random communities that you may enjoy. As general tip: look for things you enjoy. For instance, there are plenty of communities about privacy and open source, food, climate, gaming, browsers, plants and animals, news, politics, sports, memes, you name it. I really like the trending communities; great way to find new communities or remind you to look for something you hadn’t thought about.

!nathanwpyle@lemmy.world (i love this one, but lately the number of posts seems to be less frequent) !asklemmy@lemmy.world (usually friendly and interesting to see what is going on in other people’s minds and participating in the discussions) !confidently_incorrect@lemmy.world !trendingcommunities@feddit.nl !coolwebsites@lemmy.ca !aww@lemmy.ml !lemmybewholesome@lemmy.world

I trust them, but always remain vigilant, because things can change over time. But the founders initially were scientists who met at CERN, not a company that launched a product. That tells me quite a lot. Yes, over time they are becoming more professional, maybe more like a regular company, but i feel that privacy is still the main priority for them. They also organize a yearly event and the money they raise goes to certain projects that are related to privacy and freedom (if i remember correctly for instance to help journalists remain free press and things like that). Yes, it’s one of the few companies that i really trust.

Also, yes, they sometimes are forced to give info to authorities (and they are quite open about that and explain what happened if people ask about that), but don’t forget that they don’t have much info on their clients, because everything is encrypted and they just cannot see what’s inside a mail, for instance. So, they can’t share that.

Lol, it was probably late or i was in haste, sorry :-)

Just commenting to say how nice it is of you to be that caring about your neighbor.

Can i actively send mail from an alias in Proton Pass?
When i create an alias, let's say for a shop, sometimes i need to communicate with them; is it possible to use it to actively send them a mail through the alias i created for them? It's not like i can copy/paste it and use it in the webapp or something. Am i overlooking something, or is that just not possible?

Overlocker; choosing yarn colors
Hi all, I'm about to purchase my first overlocker -probably the Juki MO 654 DE, for the curious among you- and i can't find the answer to one question i have: How do you choose yarn colors. I've heard it say that some use those 4 colors, like the threading guides indicate. And others use only white, i think? Does it have to do with the loopers and needles and what is visible on your fabric? So, those of you with an overlocker; what do you do? Is it like choosing yarn colors with a regular sewing machine? And bonus question; do these yarn cones last as long as they would on a sewing machine, or do overlockers consume more yarn per cone?

Want to switch to linux; can i still use all Proton products?
Edit: thank you all for your answers, much appreciated to make an informed choice about the switch to linux. As per title. I want to get rid of windows and switch to linux. I use all the proton products, both on android and windows. Is there anything i need to take into account, concerning proton? I know there is a linux version for vpn. But i seem to recall there isn't yet for the drive app but it was in the works? I have no idea how long that would take though, this year, next year?

Yes exactly, that works fine. As i understand it, there are microscopic ‘bristles’ at the end of each thread, which gives it that mild scrub effect. Adding fabric softener or other things destroy the bristles, permanently.

Microfiber cloth. They are easy to wash, just don’t add fabric softener or chlorine and don’t put them in the dryer.

Sewing and microfiber release
I'm going to cut a microfiber cloth in pieces to make small cloths to clean your glasses with. So, i was researching which overlock stitch best to use on my regular sewing machine and suddenly came across this scientific article: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0048969723048726 Such a totally unexpected find, but it does make me think. I just had to share it with you, makes for a bit of a change, right :-) (I submitted this post earlier, but it seems to never have made it to the community, so apologies if you see this post twice)

Cookie wall: what is legitimate interest about
Many websites have a - huge- part in their cookie wall, called 'legitimate interest'. I never allow them and i wonder; is this just a loophole to be able to force certain cookies on us anyway? I can't imagine it is harmless, but i never hear anyone discussing these type of cookies. EDIT: Everyone, thank you so much for taking the effort to answer. These replies were very helpful and often quite detailed. I've read them all and it certainly gives food for thought. I also read that EU page, which is indeed not really clarifying much. I agree that we need to do as much as possible to block all these invaders of our privacy, though it is ridiculous that we have to make so much effort to protect ourselves. And i know many people around me, who just let it all happen and are sometimes not even aware of such things as trackers. And honestly, they shouldn't have to be aware, it is infuriating that these things are either allowed, or those companies taking the - small - risk to get away with it, because most people won't bother with law suits and what not, certainly not when so many websites have these shady practices... Again, thank you; i'm glad i asked :-)

This, you should tell yourself as well. Many of us hate ourselves, because of what we did or didn’t do, or how we are, or how we should be.

Then tell yourself; this was not a nice thing to do, you can do better. But still, i love you :-)

Thanks for the compliment, stranger, and have a great day/evening :-)

Particularly when leaving on bad terms, or in a fight, or just nagging, you would probably forever feel guilt and remorse