“Names are sound and smoke.”
Faust I (Vers 3457)

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To be clear, to me, lobbyist-run US surveillance “democracy” is as much a joke as Russian and Chinese systems of oppression. That doesn’t mean that communism or democracy are inherently bad. But in reality, you have a choice between plague and cholera. Capitalism indeed is the root of all evil, I guess that’s one thing we could agree on.

But of course this detail will be omitted in loaded posts like OP

This detail is obviously available in the teaser-text to anyone who can read.

lol, your comments: priceless!
I could not have imagined it could get worse any further, thanks for proving me wrong!

alts, voting maipulation, etc., lol, made my day!
If you really believe that, I’m beginning to feel sorry for you.

downvote to confess you haven’t read it, but are willing to!

“Names are sound and smoke”, it says in Goethe’s Faust

Faust I (Vers 3457)

South Africa abstained.

While threatening to arrest Putin if visiting BRICS summit in South Africa, executing the warrant issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC)

Kazakhstan, India, Brazil, and Turkey also voted in favor of the document.