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how so? what is left after having the system daemon start at boot? this is a super common thing to do. If you wanted to go a step further you could even create a couple chroots or other immutable partitions to swap the bootloader to. This would be a great way to use the package manager and features of nix without the limitations. There is nothing proprietary about what nixos does.

The whole nature of arch is sort of a “roll your own distro” approach. It lets you take features from wherever and combine them. It’s perfect for anyone who finds themselves distro hopping.

“But don’t you remember Chernobyl?!”

Its the same old story. If there’s ONE accident the whole technology needs to be banned. It doesn’t matter if we learned from it or how much safer things are compared to the alternative. I don’t understand the mindset that massive improvements are never good enough. It has to be perfect otherwise we’re better off with the status quo, despite the status quo being catastrophically worse in every sense.

Same reason why the US healthcare system is so bad.

Reading this (or trying to) is like being on drugs. You go from “What in god’s name is the author smoking?” to some kind of nirvana.

I had some abdominal issues that caused me to be buckled over in severe pain most of the day. I was unable to eat anything for days at a time. I was constantly feeling faint and nauseous and vomiting frequently. I did a video appointment with my doctor and he referred me to get an abdominal ultrasound.

It took about a week for the office to call me to schedule the tests. They told me the next available appointment they had was 8 months out.

I wound up getting better on my own after about 6 weeks of hell. I never did find out what was wrong.

BTW I’m not in Canada I’m in the good old US of A where we “Don’t experience delays” and have “Top-Notch Healthcare” thanks to out non socialized systems. I even had good insurance.

The healthcare system in the US is in shambles. It is extremely inefficient and absolutely resistant to any kind of change, because as bad as things are right now, change introduces risk that might make it worse. No matter how slim the chance or how much the benefits outweigh the risks, nobody wants to accept meaningful changes.

I think at some point language as a whole will shift. Most languages have had a concept of masculine/feminine and differentiating between genders for most if not all of their history. This seems pretty weird as a concept in modern times since it serves no real benefit. If we were to develop a language from scratch today I don’t think it would have such features.

Its going to take a pretty long time (hundreds of years) but language is constantly evolving. I think it will get there. In the meantime things are going to remain at least a little confusing.

I have a few transgender friends and its still a bit if a mental hurdle to see them as who they want to be identified as sometimes. I sometimes slip up and will call them by their old name or use the wrong pronoun. It’s never intentional of course, but sometimes my mental auto-correct isn’t working at full capacity. If I meet the person post-transition then its never really a problem as I always see them as that gender.

Ah yes, if we can’t currently explain it then logically it must be aliens.

I wasn’t really referring to nuances as those are pretty difficult to expect to get right. As long as the general idea is correctly portrayed then it’s reasonably good journalism.

Im talking mostly about clickbait/ragebait BS. Sometimes critical information is intentionally omitted or inaccurately portrayed just to get more clicks on the article. Often times the article itself even contradicts the headline.

One example was an article making rounds in the UK months ago where some flooding had totaled some electrical components in a car. All the headlines said “Electric vehicle receives thousands in damages from a few inches of water” or some variation of it on a few dozen news sites. Each one had long comment chains about how electric cars are going to kill us all and are completely useless to everyone. The car in question was actually an early-2010s diesel.

Or “Self-Driving Tesla slams in to firetruck”. When the Tesla involved in the incident was a 2014 Model S. Which wasn’t equipped with self-driving tech.

Or the recent mozilla foundation article where they say that cars are “Monitoring facial expressions” when what it actually means is that the car is using infrared cameras to make sure the driver’s eyes are on the road.

This is amazing! I had no idea there was an actual term for this. But yeah I frequently encounter flat out misinformation in most news sources and always have the thought: “If I know these parts are BS, how many of the things I’m not familiar with are also BS?!”

Oh yeah except politics of course. I should have added that.

I totally agree on the AI front. People watch too many movies. If AI goes wrong in any way its going to be because we used it to make a decision, and it would turn out to be a bad one. It’s not going to directly and intentionally kill us all.

100%! Cathedrals and Temples especially are some of the most amazing pieces of architecture. You can’t walk in to a historic European cathedral with the ceiling reaching to the sky and stained glass windows and not feel something.

Exactly my point. Proficiency in language isn’t that important and pointing out minor mistakes knowing full well you understood what was intended is a combative and pedantic attitude. It serves no purpose other than to elevate yourself and try to make others feel dumber.

The language did its job in portraying information. Not everything needs to be made by an english PHD. Especially not in the world of internet comments.


Anyone who says their smart overestimates themselves. Anyone who says their dumb underestimates themselves. How does anyone even answer this question?

Pedants who choose to make big deals over minor issues are always out to prove something and are objectively not smart.

Totally. I don’t pirate games because steam exists. Im just so sick and tired of the constantly changing content of streaming services, or companies taking away purchased content, or worse forcing ads. I would also like to watch the things I purchased without an internet connection on any device I want. Give me that and I’ll gladly pay for it.

https://github.com/johang/btfs btfs lets you straight up mount a torrent as a directory and stream it. Most torrent clients also have an option to download parts in order so you can stream.

How is it even possible/practical to obey traffic laws?
I'm talking specifically about obeying the speed limit, doing a full stop at stop signs, etc. After receiving a speeding ticket for doing 53 in a 50, As an experiment I went a full day obeying all traffic laws 100% and it caused so much road rage. For example, there is a 2 lane road near me with a speed limit of 50 (where I got the ticket), traffic usually moves at about 60/65. There was a huge line of cars behind me and nowhere to pull over. As soon as an opening came up on the shoulder I was about to pull over and one of the cars behind me blew past me on the on the right blaring their horn. Then another truck passed me at the next opportunity and brake checked me. Both of these cars proceeded to run a red light about 1/4 mile ahead of me endangering others. By far the worst part of driving on this 2 lane road was the 25 mph work zone which is completely ignored by everyone else. It effectively resulted in me doing 25 mph in a "60" which is very dangerous. Having needed to spend the entire day pulling over at every opportunity to let people pass I inevitably picked up a drill bit and got a flat tire. Even matters as simple as stopping completely at a stop sign for 1 second cause immediate anger and dangerous behavior from other drivers. What on earth are we expected to do? All I want is to avoid speeding tickets and drive safely.