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The only way to guarantee a complete line to London is to start it in Manchester

I doubt you will see a major shift in policy after the Ukraine war.

We will probably see putin fall but the goverment he built and is responsible for what’s happening in Russia today will still be there.

Financially Russia is largely fucked

Are you kidding, this is when China is starting to be most dangerous.

Internal strife of a country has always been the biggest factor on when that country goes to war. Creating a distraction for the populace and a bogeyman for them to hate is part of the autocratic playback.

Look back at the trump administration and how eager he was to bomb Iran and start a war. Or the current invasion of ukraine and the economic issues in Russia before the invasion.

It’s not the sole driver but it’s a big one.

Consider that they may have been hidden by rebels and no one came back for them.

The US should put a lander together out of trash for shits and giggles and have it land perfectly.