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And you forgot to say that their linux handheld is made with gaming in mind

Do you known kde has discover to install and update applications with a gui right?

I never hear Gnome users crying about Valve heavily supporting KDE, so why are you angry about this?

This does not happen because Gnome is the most supported desktop environment out there, they have Red Hat, Google, Canonical, OpenSuse even Microsoft donated to Gnome. Don’t get me wrong some of this company do support kde too, but Gnome get treated in a different way because it’s the default de for most of the distros out there.

I’m currently contributing to osm and reverse enginnering the Sound Blaster Command for my Sound BlasterX G6 to make a Command Software for linux, currently in early stage but first I need to understand more about the protocol.

I don’t agree with you on this, people are used to install app on other operating systems this way, there is a better way yes I’m not arguing this, but a lot of proprietary software is distributed this way and not on the snap store, and being ubuntu a noob friendly distro make it worse for the averange user to search the internet only to install deb packages instead of providing a user friendly interface!

Have you tried Street Complete Expert? You can edit directly poi with this one too, and you can even enable the option in the settings to view the satellite version of the map

And don’t forget that organic maps uses osm for the map data and you can make the map better for everyone by using a very simple app called street complete, that let you add shops, street address and a lot more.

Now I need to know who the hell has installed Free Download Manager on Linux.

The latest gen of ryzen the 7000 is using TSMC 5nm on the Compute die and 6nm I/O DIe, and don’t forget that intel in 2021 relased their 11th gen of cpu with 14nm

Brave tho is not better than Mozilla and FF, at the end of the day they are all companies, not our friends at all, the only thing they care is profit, and as everything else on this world there are positive and negative fact about it.

Yes I’m contributor too, not on distros tho, even tho I have tried to contribute to mint some time ago, never had a bad experience with contributions and trust I have made many many mistakes while trying to contribute, maybe it’s better if you don’t find the environment to be good for you to just contribute to something else that at least isn’t uncomfortable and isn’t discouraging, yes I know the problem shouldn’t have existed to begin with but we can’t do much about it if they don’t even acknowledge the problem.

From the description to me sound probably like nixos

And don’t forget Crash-Resilient Wayland Compositing that keep applications alive even tho the “compositor” crash, so it does restart without any data loss and the lockscreen protocol, because on xorg if the lockscreen crash then you view the desktop and you have the device unlocked!