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Elon’s Censorial Lawsuit Against Media Matters Inspiring Many More People To Find ExTwitter Ads On Awful Content
(side note: I'm genuinely unsure where we are actually supposed to post about the politics of the tech overlords. I mean, it's not really news or politics, but it is technology even less)

Yes, but in the end, there is no real motivation to respond accurately to surveys either. It’s just that it’s our reflex based on our previous social interactions that it feels wrong to respond inaccurately. Similarly, it will feel wrong when responding in a socially unfavourable way to a question about well-being, even if it’s a survey.

Additionally, longer-term happiness is a quite vague experience so there isn’t much keeping one from interpreting it however you like.

Of course, I’m not saying that there is no truth to the report. I’m just saying it’s not particularly newsworthy because the numbers aren’t particularly concrete and it doesn’t describe any single important event at all.

I meant subjective as in what you say. All that humans do is to strive to fulfill their own motivations, and communication is just doing so through interaction with other humans. The only reason for that what we say is connected to what we actually experience is that we don’t like people finding out we are misleading them and as a result like us less.

Nobody else can really measure our happiness, though, so there is no concrete motivation to respond to such questions as accurately as possible, so we’re much more inclined to just say what is socially the most favourable.

Like, do you genuinely reply how you are feeling when someone asks you how you’re doing? I’d say most people don’t.

I do agree, but I don’t think China performing well qualifies as World News, because subjective well-being is only loosely connected to actual experiences.

Tesla sues Swedish agency as striking workers stop delivering license plates for its new vehicles
> Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the Swedish state via Sweden’s Transport Agency after striking postal workers in the Scandinavian country stopped delivering license plates for new vehicles manufactured by the Texas-based automaker

…closely followed by Saudi Arabia. Yeah, I’m not a big fan of these happiness reports.

Update: I’m on Universeodon, which has comparatively modest numbers compared to has registered 249 boosts as of now! Favourites are difficult to measure but based on upvotes registered on minus the ones registered by it’ll be around 400. Way to go, Fediverse!

Yeah. I really hope someone writes a Firefox extension or something which automatically redirects all Fediverse links to one’s preferred instances. Enforcing a standard across a giant decentralised network is difficult.

While I completely agree, a partial solution is to use clients that open fediverse links locally. I use Eternity which does it nicely.

Source (2023-04-24):

Stuart Seldowitz, who worked on the National Security Council South Asia Directorate under President Barack Obama

Ah, there’s the lemmy-kbin divide. On lemmy, the !community@instance format works for everyone, while kbin uses the @magazine format.

Reminder, links to communities and profiles don’t work unless you include the instance! In this case it’d be !

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::: spoiler alt text Screenshot from rosypiriani @ instagram: Stop calling Gaza an "open air prison." Prisons are filled with convicted criminals. Prisons have food. Prisons have water. Prisons have electricity. Prisons have medical treatment. Gaza is not a prison; it is a concentration camp. :::

you go to jail in China and Russia for being lgbtq

Source on that, please, especially for China? I’m pretty sure both countries have no laws against it, although Russia doesn’t allow gender-affirming care anymore. Neither have any anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ people, but although that’s terrible it is something entirely different.

Honestly, I’m not too sure. That instance (if I understand correctly which one you’re talking about) is too widely defederated to have a major presence. I think it’s just the redditors, considering that those who got banned there are more likely to migrate.

The opposite of determinism is called metaphysical libertarianism iirc.

The definition of free will is obviously very tricky even among compatibilists, and depending on who you ask you will get very different answers. But usually yes, there are no absolutes, as there are always many factors involved in making decisions, and personal interests (however you might define them) will be different proportions of that.

Not quite, agency is to what degree someone acts to their own “moral judgement” (an unuseful term in my opinion, since it is a social construct), rather than desires.