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What was cost of the registration and is it good option for grads?

Traditional for mouse and natural in case of touchpads. That what I use with my Mac :)

How to handle being international contractor?
If I’m person from EU and I work for USA remote company. Is it possible for that company to pay taxes, insurance and pension contributions. And if yes how do?

to be suprising works kinda fine though still sometimes needs to fall back to other search engine. Though using AI chat is great with Pro plan.

What are best less know Movies worth watching?
Looking for some ideas of things to watch I like: animated, SF and comedy movies :)

To be suprised Parsec ends up as most close thing I need it can pass good audio and image quality, only issue is keyboard :)

I heard that VNC gives bad quality. Also will things like clipboard work fine. Another thing is that I need to be able to access after Mac boots (aka so my mac M1 will be headless with just HDMI dummy plug)

Best Remote Desktop from Linux to Mac?
Hi there! I'm curently using Pop OS linux as my daily machine to work with. Though sometimes I need to access my Mac Mini M1 and I'm looking on some good way to have remote access to my Mac without getting of my Linux workflow. Both my machines are on same LAN and connected via gigabit connection. I have tried using RustDesk though most issue comes from image quality (I have 4K screen). If you got any sugestion it would be great.

For me I got mad at VLC cause it was opening video track in separate window for some reason.

+1 For Pop OS - spend many days distro hoping and end up there :)

In my case I run instance for myself and only inviting people I trust or they gave me good reason for join :)

Sorry I should marked it as AI :) From my experience usenet is more uncesored compared to fediverse. The most issue with fedi is that there is no tru replication system (mayby except sometimes data might be cached on other instance).

How to handle cables mess behind TV stand?
I have issue with spaghetti of cables behind my tv stand and looking for ideas how to fix it up. Any recommendations on how to handle cakes are welcome.