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My child’s school sends out a clearance form at the start of every year asking for or to withhold consent. If your parent’s provided consent, I’m not sure what more you can do about it.

A side note, with the announcement of the raspberry pi 5, there’s a lot of chatter about how the pi boards are big contributors to boinc.

I’m not going to argue your merit, but the argument in this case is just wrong and you clearly didn’t read the article. The charges were dropped by the Judge alone and the prosecution is planning to refile. The commissioner has also spoken publicly and placed the officer on leave with intent to release (fire) after the 30 day union required suspension.

Yes, be frustrated. Yes be angry. But acknowledge good movements, no matter how small. Sometimes it takes a lot of grease and a lot of small movements to turn the gears.

We’re not LA or Chicago, to be sure. There is a distinction. All police violence is a problem and it’s endemic to policing with the current policies. It’s unacceptable and unsustainable, but you nor I can do anything about it directly or alone.

Read the article. The judge dismissed all charges. Prosecution is seeking to refile.

I’m from the Philly region. While I have zero love for the PPD, we are lower on the injustice scale than most. The PPD commissioner response and prosecutorial response have been appropriate once the information came out. There hasn’t been this overwhelming denial of justice that can be seen elsewhere.

And the killing of minorities is a systemic problem. Try not to judge the city based on a single incident by a scared white man.

I’m with you on this. I’ve seen the videos and Officer Numbnuts was nervous before getting out of the car. That’s what happens when you follow someone for blocks and hype yourself up for a problem.

We’re just one careless lab tech going surfing away from unleashing something accidentally.

It’s not worth arguing with @atomic Apparently my pixel, with pixel buds and watch with wearos is also a software issue. As if the software issue might not lie within the software that drives the Bluetooth protocol, I. E. Bluetooth itself🙄

I have a pixel 6a. I have pixel buds. And I have a fossil sport gen 5 wear os watch.

Whne my phone rings, it’s a crap shoot which device will output audio and receive my voice.

Bluetooth sucks donkey balls.

Real talk, why can’t we just launch that shit into the sun? Obviously, I understand the risk of a rocket filled with spent fuel rods exploding is low Earth orbit and the weight to cost ratio, but are there other reasons?

TAINT_PROPRIETARY_MODULE & GPL Condom has to be intentional double entendre right?

39, Philly. Up until my current VW, yes. Couldn’t get a manual GLI when I was buying in 2021 and needed to make a decision. At least the dual clutch 7 speed DSG auto is fun as hell to drive and feels like a manual.

Check out the S-town podcast. While not about watches, it’s about a guy who repairs antique clocks.

Tell me more about these pizza steels. I know of stone, but a quick google shows me that steels exist, but why steel over stone?

Big bank bots are buying up the tickets for credit card points redemption, which is why the site gets ddos’ed, causing the site to not work for regular users. Credit card companies are listing the tickets for resale at the inflated rates their customer points are equated to.

Banks have found another avenue of profit in this.

Fossil has an eink hybrid now icymi

Georgia Prosecutors Obtain Messages Connecting Trump Team to Voting System Breach: Report
This news is a few days old, but I didn't see it posted here. >Prosecutors involved in the Georgia investigation into former President Trump’s attempts to stay in power in 2020 have obtained evidence showing a 2021 voting machine breach was part of a “top-down push” by Trump’s legal team to access sensitive voting software, according to a report published Sunday by CNN.