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Picking all the fuzz out of Velcro until the Velcro is clean as new

please tell us, where is the “somewhere else?”

imgur isn’t even working for me anymore. I think it lets me upload, but I’m not sure because it doesn’t let me see anything I’ve uploaded anymore.

on imgur my preference has always been to upload everything as “hidden” but it doesn’t let me see any of my hidden posts anymore. I literally cannot go back and retrieve them in order to copy the link.

Which, IMO, makes the smartphones less appealing and less addictive.

I speculate perhaps the-powers-that-be are making our smartphone experience incrementally shittier so we become less addicted to them, So as not to interfere with our work ethic being capitalist slaves.

“Git off yer damn phones and git back to work!!”

Were there r*ddit mods doing that? What were their useenames? And what warped agenda were they pushing?

Yup, I’m telling you, when I first got this phone, first thing I noticed was fucking candy crush et al, and immediately uninstalled all that junk. And every time it runs a software update, i kid you not, within a couple days I’m looking through my phone and I notice more shit they installed. Monopoly, Candy crush, block stacking games, I didn’t ask for any of this! delete delete delete.

I’m just trying to avoid getting bloatware installed on my phone every time they run a mandatory software update. that was probably a Samsung thing and had nothing to do with Verizon but whatever the case,

It’s time to upgrade.

I’mma get starlink.

I pair my phone to my car’s Bluetooth. Google maps is what I use. You don’t need Android Auto for that.

Same. I pair my phone to my car’s Bluetooth.

No Android Auto overbearing Big Brother necessary.

Seems that guy who loves Android Auto so much thinks there’s no other option 🤦‍♀️

I can’t imagine ever needing it. What is it even for? All it ever did for me was instantly answer spam phone calls that I would have rejected, doesn’t let me use my phone until my GPS indicates I’ve reached my destination, and it would automatically answer texts telling them that I’m driving. Like leave me alone big brother ugh!

ooh no problem I despise android auto and glad it doesn’t force my phone to connect every time I start driving the way it did at the beginning, I had to dig into the settings and figure out how to disable it.

r o m?

range of motion

Read only material

That’s all I’ve got

everyone’s recommending Pixel. That’s good to know.

ok but we’re all here because we’re interested in privacy, so please tell me what does Google Pixel have anything to do with privacy??

“Google” & “Privacy” are contradictions.

Will a pixel respect my wishes for them to not install game apps behind my back?

And how can I buy one without bloatware already loaded on it? When I bought this phone I had to delete so much bloatware.

Next smartphone I buy, which one do you recommend?
Things that make me angry about my current smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra on a Verizon plan is the mandatory software updates in which they install WITHOUT MY PERMISSION stupid apps like Netflix and addictive gambling games and stacking block games and Candy crush. God knows what else they install without my permission. I don't want any of it! Next phone I buy I want to start with a clean slate, I'm not going to affiliate with any conglomerate like Verizon or AT&T or Sprint or T-Mobile etc, I prefer to go rogue somehow, which smartphone do you recommend that has no bloatware and it's customizable?

I learned something about people when I was married to this certain guy for a while. his armpits never smelled. But his feet did.

I’ve always been the opposite. My feet never produce odor. But my armpits do.

conclusion. Not everybody needs deodorant on their armpits.

Ah yes Netflix. I was going through the apps on my phone to delete things that I don’t need, there’s a bunch of shit on there I never installed and can’t be uninstalled. like Netflix.