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It’s highly problematic when you have bodies that can’t transmit their heat because everything in their surrounding is at the same temperature. Last year I was amazed how the heat from the street was on the verge of melting my cheap shoes.

People laugh but I think cooling/heating shelters in the urban and retiree homes are unavoidable in the immediate future. Well, the alternative is to let the heat play the role of the grim reaper.

Library (it was fun spotting a book I haven’t read yet), comics (waiting for salles so I could get a bulk of them for cheap), rollerblade (until you discover that the road is bad and the poor wheels just can’t handle it), table top wargames (fun putting models together and doing pew pew sounds one a month with friends). DnD was also occasionally thrown in, but without proper DM the stories are just terrible and teens be doing rather immature things.

US proved they’d rather torch the planet than let its grip on the dominance.

Work, commute, clean, prep for next day, walk the dog, maybe read a manga or browse the web. Repeat and wait for the end.

Great question. I am referencing to the events and space I’m experiencing, now there could be some sort of unity behind the concepts and relations of life and death. Due to the lack of perception outside of basic sensors I dare not to say anything further.

On the side note, at some point in my life I’ve been influenced by A. Watts, On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are (the game of black and white) in particular.

  1. Everything I think of is just a model that tries to make sense of the world around me.
  2. Life is chaos, order is just chaos of lesser magnitude.
  3. Breathe, don’t assign any weight to your emotions and thoughts, no matter how bad things seem to be, there’s always tomorrow (to opt to get out).

For sure. I watched a video on the numbers and it’s pretty obscene.

They can always choose to work with the new block(s). My thought was more aimed towards EU (the core economic blocks), that will likely increase the pressure on their working and resource trading “partners”. The declining economies will wreck many homes and in addition make us vulnerable to speeches of various demagogues and right winged ideologies.

For sure there’s positive (hopefully more breathing room for the so called “south”), truthfully I feel it is fear of how will this hit me that’s making me anxious.

What a time to be alive, although I am fearful what the waning powers will do.

It blows my mind that TikTok is being banned, while if memory serves, not so long ago high EU officials accidentally leaked their login passwords over Zoom.