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I’m on their IRC and have reported bugs a few times. However, I haven’t been able to replicate it yet, so I’m not too worried

I don’t think so. I’ve opened htop during one such event and swap space was getting filled despite the ram being mostly empty. Even after closing everything, the swap occupied continued to increase

More than a month now, and no crashes. All the issues I had, were my fault. Although in some very specific situations it seems to get in a memory filling cycle until the swap gets filled and there’s a crash

Isn’t there Green With Envy to monitor NVIDIA stuff on Linux?

Running the Fedora Asahi Linux on my sweet sweet MacBook M1 :P

Moore threads now has the same API support as M1 Apple macs running Linux :P (except for the “select dx11 games”)

The problem is also that the hosting software for snaps, the backend that canonical has is P R O P R I E T A R Y and that’s one of the main gripes.

If they wanted to safeguard AI, they would actually make the models public. Bad actors are bound to get them anyways, hiding it behind secrecy is very unlikely. And I mean, AI could make a virus infecting most infrastructure on planet (Amazon and Google data centres) and then shutting it down or using it for its own purposes. As several programming memes lay out, the entire modern web infrastructure is surprisingly dependent on just a few APIs and tools

Maybe Susan, Yemen, the Rohingya… all those that aren’t remembered often

Wanna share my experience too here.

I used YouTube with the algorithm, mostly for educational stuff, like vsauce, kurgsat and tech stuff. I started showing some interest in politics and news, start watching tldr news, then it pulls me into Vox, as I showed some anti trump sentiment. To put it quickly, it didnt take too long for me to realise that I was being drawn to ever more left leaning content (obviously a lot further than merely Vox, second thought and deeper)

Which is why I left algorithmic YouTube by using alternative frontends

Probably means the repos apt is checking doesn’t have that tool, not sure thi

Oops, not part of EEA either, if they’re being pesky with non eu countries, then uk screwed

Imma wait for someone to fact check this, but holy cow that’s messed up. Thank god I only use thunderbird

Customising keyboard layouts Fedora KDE Wayland
Hey there fellas! As stated in the title I'd like to customise my keyboard layout, specifically, swapping the super and the control keys as I am using a mac (fedora asahi remix), and as such, it makes more sense to globally alter this instead of manually creating all the necessary shortcuts

That is absolutely unreasonable, as the email files don’t actually tell you who the sender is beyond the domain from where it’s sent. The email protocol is SUPER unsafe and really really easy to spoof as someone from the big three

I am not happy with my provider, currently waiting for the email hosting to expire so that I can maintain just the domain there and eventually user zoho for hosting

I have my own domain (even if hosted on a relatively small provider) and I don’t have that much of an issue tbh?

There’s a gnome extension for that, let me check if I can find it

My few remaining gripes with linux
It's mostly libinput. Why the hell can't I easily change scroll speed on Gnome and not on KDE? Why does gnome have a simple tool (gnome tweaks) to change the trackpad cooldown to change the time trackpad doesn't work as a substitute for good palm rejection and KDE doesn't? Why is it a bit of a pain in both to change trackpad gestures? Why am I hearing again about God damn redesigning the settings placement on most desktop environments. Edit: I love both KDE and Gnome, and I think that they're great. But it kinda hurts to see them fail on what seem like relatively simple things

Trackpad Gestures KDE?
Im currently on KDE,wayland , on fedora, with libinput how do I change what trackpad gestures do?

Privacy basics, can anyone help?
Hello there! Im looking for increased privacy when it comes to my network connections. So far I know of TOR as an almost absolute bastion of security, but how do I ensure the remaining network traffic is encrypted and private? I know of signal for communication, and I’m aware of VPN’s. However I’m not sure whether to trust most providers regarding government interference as their software often isn’t open source. Is there a federated VPN of sorts, similar to how lemmy and other fediverse apps work?

"Decentralised VPN"-is it bullcrap or not?
Hey there fellas! My father found this crap online. It immediately triggered my bull crap detectors. Is it actually something worth checking out, or snake oil?