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Oh I missed that. After reading some stories on it, looks like that was the first official US acknowledgement in the 106 years since it happened. Still, no US support for Armenia.

Ehh, there’s a million articles out there, you can’t be expected to read them all.

I’m sure the transition to becoming a Western ally or even part of NATO would be a whole heck of a lot easier if Turkey and the US admitted the genocide and took steps to repair relations with Armenia.

I’m pretty sure it was one of the best places to work in the retail/grocery industry because of their profit sharing.

Whole Foods is not the business it used to be. Not even close. Any semblance of what that store was when it was privately owned is gone.

Ugh, that’s a bad feeling. You feel like you escaped hell when you were just in purgatory all along.

It’s not going to work without net metering. You have to encourage solar panels

Yeah, people who can’t be bothered to do a minimal amount of reading to understand the world around us are usually terrible people. Think about it, the only thing stopping them from raping and murdering everyone they want is because their pastor says sky daddy will punish them.

There were early reports of “strange maintenance” on the plane beforehand as well. Could have just as easily been a bomb planted on board, or some other sabotage.

First documented case of an actual insect would probably be more precise to say.