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So I love music videos as well as making my own, so I have a lot of favourites, but in particular half·alive’s music videos are amazingly done. The lead singer Josh Taylor is an incredible producer for his music videos as well as the band being amazing dancers. All of the videos off of their new album are amazing, but two that I will highlight are:


Amazing storytelling. This really comes full circle.


Incredible creative direction. Following the plot of the song while making it visually attractive as this is, is so impressive.

I have more (ask me), but these are definitely on top. Did I Make You Up? and Move Me are also really good.

A Night at The Opera has some of the funniest physical gags I’ve seen in a movie. It is from 1935, but I found it very entertaining.

I don’t know if you have used Linux in the past three years, but with modern workstation distros like popos, mint, or fedora it is very rarely necessary to use the command line if you don’t have to. Both KDE Plasma and Gnome have simple and intuitive appstores with massive app libraries through flatfub, and in many ways I find the UI less confusing (especially in settings) then what windows offers.

I do this all the time when I look at logs, I don’t even really know why

I need to have the audio in sync with the video so I need to have a headphone jack on all my devices

Zorin only updates every two years, which makes it fairly outdated on many fronts.