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Vaping is definitely harmful and has been linked to pneumonia. Also it isn’t just made of nicotine.

E-Cigarette’s (ECs) contain a liquid solution mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol, water, flavoring agent and often vegetable glycerin, which is heated in a cartridge

Harm reduction is a worthy goal. If that’s the goal, there are questions to answer like: how bad it is compared to smoking ? Does it help stop smoking and reduce health risk, or is it inneffective and just add another source of risk? If it does help, how does vaping compare to the safety and efficacy of existing methods (eg nicotine patchs)?

The NIH summary on vaping highlights vaping health risks and concludes:

More research is needed to determine if vaping nicotine can be as effective as smoking cessation aids already approved by the FDA.

That’s a good point, paying for software isn’t part of individual Linux users,’ culture. At best, donations are encouraged, but even so you’re not really paying for using the software.

To their credit, Gnome’s software catalog integrates donation links. But you have to scroll to the very bottom to find it, between the project’s homepage and bugtracker links. Giving the donate button more visibility would be an easy thing to do. To my knowledge there’s no store (not gnome nor KDE) that integrate paid apps. Meanwhile iTunes or Steam allow almost one-click buy& install.

I do periodic tax-deductible donations to a local non-profit that help maintaining my Linux distribution. But that’s not much compared to the effort developers put in.

The article and abstract mention self-reporting. They probably haven’t been able to objectively measure pain, sleep, emotional problems. The abstract says the change in opoid use are not statistically significant.

There’s already a number of study with conflicting results on Canabis effect on pain. Some show an effect on pain reduction. Some show no effect when controlling for the placebo effect.

If that study doesn’t have better methodology than previous ones, no control for placebo, isn’t able to link the effect to a specific molecule, then it probably won’t help settle the question.

Most veggie steaks and other meat alternative have a scarry ingredient list. They deserve the description of ultra transformed food.

It may be healthier and certainty tastier to use traditional veggie recipes, which can more easily be cooked at home.

That’s a good point.

Consider also that reddit is centralized (one software, one organization, one domain) while the fediverse is decentralized (multiple software, multiple orgs, multiple domains).

One Lemmy instance being unavailable would impact a portion of fediverse users. Reddit being unavailable impact all reddit users.

This brings up a good point about upscaling and other enhancements done by deep learning.

These techniques are not recovering details. They’re using their model to fabricate new details that looks plausible but do not necessarily match reality.

There’s little risk of this video disappearing. The video has been republished by several news media, mainstream and online. There are copies in the archives on several TV channels, on many online platforms (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc), even on Wikipedia https://fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fichier:CollateralMurder.ogv

Either leap seconds or relativistic timezones. I don’t know which is worse.

That’s true, but it would still result in a shift in measured time between the moon and earth.

Clocks run faster on the moon than on Earth, gaining about 56 microseconds each day

Sounds like there’s going to be leap seconds on the moon too.