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We will perhaps never beat adobe but nowadays there are some amazing tools!

… Which are developed for windows as well. Haha.

Second but I use Nobara with KDE.

Linux is the modern OS and windows is just a bunch of old shitty technology in a trench suit.

Other comments are saying this is an ad, which… Is true, but this was informative too and now I know about a product I’ve never even considered before.

The technology works the same way at everything. It averages and smooths out the rough edges into a homogrnous lump.

All I know about Bluesky is what’s in the name. When you look at the Fediverse tree, every branch, leaves, and roots are labelled. But the sky isnt. Bluesky. I believe the intent is to be bigger and far more important than the Fediverse, smother it rather than let it grow. Jack is a businessman, after all. He really liked having a hugely important platform in Twitter and how much political power it was beginning to have.

I didnt care. There was no drama. When confronted with the idea that math wasn’t important, my math teacher would just play into it! Now I’m an adult and understand how important and interesting math can be, I wish we spent 5 minutes talking about that during my years in school.

The XPS my dad has is amazing, but I think it was significantly more than $1k, closer to $2k.

I learned something along these lines in English class one day with fiction, the news was based on old newspapers or whatever. It would be good to update that to current news design patterns.

This shit was asked a week or two ago. Go away advertiser.

Me too! Me toooooo!!! I spent so much time looking for those pictures, before I realized I was simply female and then spent even more time looking for vaginoplasties. I’ve seen enough now. I’m pretty certain, though I dont need to make the decision soon anyway.

Wait did you start a kink thread and then kink shame in the comments?

All people can get turned on by seeing themselves looking sexy, I lingerie, etc. This is especially socially acceptable for women, too! Getting dressed up in lingerie underneath whether you plan to get laid or not, you know? Or taking pics of yourself. Perhaps it could be a form of gender euphoria. So yea there’s my take on Blanchard’s theory.

Cue some liberals telling us “tough shit, vote for Biden anyway” You’re right talking about it in a partisan lens is a huge problem. The government is meant to represent us, all we should need to do is make sure they know how we feel.

Where’s the video of the IDF or Netanyahu going over a 3D rendering of a hospital to explain how the Hamas tunnels may be underneath key infrastructure buildings?

The propaganda coming out of the IDF justifying their next move is always so insanrly ridiculous. But I guess if there’s now videos coming out of how and where these tunnels are, the IDF might find some more accuracy in their violence.

I have a LOT of bookmarks - what can I use?
I want to be able to manage and sort them. I use firefox, so both tags and folders are okay. manually exporting groups of them to like documents related to the topic I was researching (and then removing the bookmark) would also be okay. Self-hosted solutions are also welcome. Very successful post, thank you everyone for sharing your bookmark-related tools.