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In 10 years: congratulations, you won. Here’s 5% of the profits we made on this which after the lawyer’s fees comes down to… $5 each. Enjoy.

Give it a try. Lua is easy and the api has good documentation. There’s plenty of good widgets to use as examples. And if you have any questions just ask.

I’ve based my theme on sometimes I found but yes, I heavily adapted it. Theming is simple, awesome is flexible but not very pretty. It’s more about usbility. Easily define rules for specific windows, powerful keybindings and so one. For example my config defects if I’m using external monitor or not and changes the widgets accordingly. It’s just one if in the config. I don’t think it’s possible at all in gnome.

Oh my, yes. The benefit is that one you figure it out it’s super easy to create widgets. I wrote from 0 or adapted my own widgets for apt, Spotify, notes, timer, weather alerts… Basic plugins (like system monitor, battery, volume) you can just find online but when you need something custom is real easy. For example I wanted something to alert me when my pihole is down. 30 minutes of scripting and it’s in my tray.

I tried arch once and Netflix and my printer didn’t work. Doesn’t it use some alternative c library or something?

Debian with awesome at home. Fedora with cinnamon at work.

I don’t think is the same. I’ve used pressure cooker with induction plate and it’s just not as easy and precise as instapot

InstaPot. It makes a lot of things so much easier to cook. Rice, lentils, potatoes, eggs… I use it mostly for that. No need to stand there stirring, looking at the clock. Fire and forget and always perfectly cooked.

Cover my feathers in wax like substance from my ass glands. Once I’m all waxed up I go for a swim.

Tax the rich, regulate industry, punish CEOs and boards for crimes committed by corporations.

I hate wallets without coin pockets. My current one has the one that kind of ‘clamps’ and doesn’t have a button. It’s nice and thin but still way bigger than the Ridge. If one day I don’t carry coins any more I will switch

I just changed my mountain bike because I was running out of easy trails around me and needed something a bit better. Funny thing is I still use the shoes I bought with the old bike. They are about to fall apart but for now they outlived my bike.

What item have you been using on a daily basis for the longest amount of time?
Sometimes I will use something and realize I've owned it forever. It's a nice change in our throwaway reality. I think my personal record is a bicycle multi-tool I got for one of my first bikes, ~25 years ago. Still have it, still use it. When it comes to electronic devices I have a Panasonic mini Hi-Fi from ~2005. Never felt like changing it. What's your record?

Family sues Google after Maps allegedly directed father off collapsed bridge
Tech company faces negligence lawsuit after Philip Paxson died from driving off a North Carolina bridge destroyed years ago Discuss!

How to learn to play drums?
I'm thinking about learning to play drums for some time now and I have a question. If I'm a complete beginner should I still get a full drum set? I know you can buy a cheap electric set for like $300 but can I start with something smaller and simpler? Are there some kind of electric pads that would work for taking first steps and that would later let me progress to full drum set? It's not that I don't have space, I'm just not sure I will stick with it and I don't want to be stack a big set I don't use later. Or full set is actually the best way to start?

EU unveils ‘revolutionary’ laws to curb big tech firms’ power
Haven't seen any posts about this and it's a pretty big thing. From DMA website: Examples of the “do’s”: gatekeepers will for example have to: * allow third parties to inter-operate with the gatekeeper’s own services in certain specific situations; * provide companies advertising on their platform with the tools and information necessary for advertisers and publishers to carry out their own independent verification of their advertisements hosted by the gatekeeper; * allow their business users to promote their offer and conclude contracts with their customers outside the gatekeeper’s platform. Example of the “don'ts”: gatekeepers will for example no longer: * treat services and products offered by the gatekeeper itself more favourably in ranking than similar services or products offered by third parties on the gatekeeper's platform; * prevent users from un-installing any pre-installed software or app if they wish so; * track end users outside of the gatekeepers' core platform service for the purpose of targeted advertising, without effective consent having been granted. We'll see how this plays out but this is first move in a very long time that could open up platform like WhatsApp to 3rd party clients and force Google and Apple to open their mobile OSes to other apps. Maybe we'll see stock Android without play services? One can dream... P.S. https://digital-markets-act-cases.ec.europa.eu - page about the legislation