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I’d love to know that as well. So if you guys have any news let’s have it

That’s the lovely bit about putting a bill out there. The enforcement and feasibility is not the problem of the politicians anymore.

Haha yes definitely something to follow. I’m looking forward to lists of companies that left UK because of this (as announced) and lists of companies that stay and thus prove that their end-to-end encryption isn’t a real one

People hate the common asshole wasp. Most people don’t know that other nicer wasps exists 😂

Haha yes also incredibly that they had to point out this sentence “Tech companies have said scanning messages and end-to-end encryption are fundamentally incompatible.”

Very astonishing how there are some fundamental lacks of understanding from politicians advertising this. Or all on purpose

Sure it’s original from the US but national geographics has very international topics. Already their headline story at the moment is about Rhino’s

A little disappointing after the unspecified title. The article only refers to north American cities.

Russell Brand allegations question from non American
I was reading about the allegations against Russell Brand and couldn't help but wonder how it works legally that his revenue can be blocked based on allegations and before any juridical ruling. Don't get me wrong I don't know much about the guy and what he did or didn't do and agree that anyone should be punished according to their crimes. But how is this possible with the principal of innocent until proven guilty? I'd be happy if someone could explain me.

Do you refer to another source than the article? Because in their linked article it does not refer to several occasions.

Are you talking about American schools?

If you are : dresscodes in schools are not as wide spread in Europe as they are in the US.

But in any case the article cites the reasoning behind sending the student home. And it was because of supposedly religious affiliate clothing.

Great news. When I read an article about that farm the last time it didn’t sound very promising they’d find someone to take over

Ok, can you explain me a bit more please. I had some old knowledge that truecrypt was forced to add a backdoor in their last version. So that they themselves recommended the version before last. And that the fork Veracrypt is infiltrated most likely with a government backdoor. Didn’t snowden comments on this?

Just some back of the head knowledge. I’m open to learning updated info on that.