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Plenty of successful nations spend a lot on their military, it’s just important to recoup the investment by invading other countries for resources when they get bored so they’re too busy to launch a coup

This is absolutely going to blow your mind, but it turns out when both parties agree to something you can do it.

Bears supposedly have very distinct tastes depending on whether they’ve been eating meat and fish or fruits and honey.

Russia was probably just pork offal. It tends to be most of their mystery meat.

You realize it is, in fact, possible for a state to secede peacefully, right?

It’s even a requirement for actual self-determination.

The last time wasn’t acceptable because of the way they did it and why they did it.

But a mutual agreement to part ways is perfectly reasonable.

And, quite frankly, fuck those losers, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I think it’s also worth noting that Tolkien’s orcs were individually cowardly and undisciplined, who could only be motivated into a horde by being more afraid of the consequences of refusal.

1: A million 2: COVID. 3: Trump would have glassed the entire Middle East on 9/11. He’s called for it this year.

He’s just too stupid to make it happen.

Is that actually better?

USA today? Somewhere between Newsweek and National Inquirer.

Honestly, they probably did OP a favor.

I’m saying it’s just a lying monarchy.

A pile of shit isn’t a rose because you call it a rose. You’re just lying.

The advertiser exodus is 100% a result of his policy changes and public persona. That’s just how it works, the advertisers don’t care about anything but brand awareness.

He changed policy, they left because that policy could be damaging to their brands.

But one of his policies was gutting the workforce, and despite all the dire predictions the platform has somehow still not exploded. There’s certainly a lot of reasons for that, and he’s been publicly embarrassed more than a few times, but if he’d gone in with a scalpel instead of a hatchet and not scared away the money and the tech it’s almost certain he could have made Twitter at least briefly profitable.

Twitter was losing money, but not by standards of potential and net valuation.

Put it like this.

In 2016, Twitter probably decided the US election. At the time, they had 3500 employees.

In 2021, they had 7500, and were losing less money.

Can you think of anything they did in that five year period that made you say, “Wow, that’s a good feature,” or “this community is amazing?”

Not really, right? It was the same Twitter, with double the workforce, doing not a whole lot with them.

I think one of the things Musk has proven is that there was a fair amount of organizational dead weight in Twitter.

If he’d made some staffing cuts, paid less for ego offices, and done it all while shutting up and not being Apartheid Boy we’d be applauding his 4d chess.

Google must never know I can’t remember how to spell irreconcilable