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I thought running rm -rf /dev/* was a good idea, I was sure worst case scenario […]

Worst case scenario:

You should be able to update the config file for SearXNG to add the port to the URL. Then just restart SearXNG; removing and re-adding the search engine to Firefox should make sure it’s updated to use the correct port. In the settings.yml file, under the server: section is the setting you want to change:
Leave port: unchanged

I had an egg based one a week or two ago at work, in the UK

The Level 1 Techs KVMs seem quite nice, but I’ve never personally used one. I’m able to get by without a KVM, just switching monitor inputs so don’t have any other recommendations.

Is it the first word that shows as removed for you? They used the R word at the start of their comment

Yeah, don’t worry, was just joking as solitaire is a card game: Solitaire

They don’t fair well in solitaire, so you have to get two or more

Do they suddenly become solitaire masters when there’s multiple of them playing?

Yeah, I hope QuantumBadger goes through with making RedReader compatible with Lemmy

A far-left monoculture? I know that lemmygrad and to a certain extent lemmy.ml have a lot of that, but that’s not the whole of lemmy.