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An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom
Remember, this index was put together by the Cato Institute, a very libertarian organization. According to the American Heritage Dictionary: 1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state. 2. One who believes in free will. 3. One who maintains the doctrine of the freedom of the will (especially in an extreme form): opposed to necessitarian. Looking at the index numbers that are given, I would say that this organization believes in the free will of the corporations and everybody else can just suck it. Take a look at where your state ranks in the individual freedoms list, and comment on what you think they actually believe.

Santos says he expects to be expelled from House
>ATLANTA, Ga. – Embattled New York Representative George Santos told conservative Christian podcast and radio presenter Monica Matthews that he fully expects to be expelled from the U. S. House, during a live-stream interview on X-Spaces (formerly Twitter) last Friday. > >Santos told her, “I know I’m going to get expelled when this expulsion resolution goes to the floor- I can do math.” But the New York Republican, who has publicly stated he will not seek reelection to his seat in 2024, was openly defiant and expressed particular antagonism towards House Ethics Committee Chair Rep. Michael Guest, (R-Miss) who had introduced a resolution to expel Santos prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break.

3 Suits Punishing Lawyer For Advising Trump Will Cost Him $3M
>Notoriously leftist bar associations are using their licensing monopoly to deprive conservatives of high-quality counsel. Texas’ state bar is going after the state attorney general. The New York bar notoriously stripped Trump counsel Rudy Giuliani of his law license. The Arizona state bar is attempting to disbar a local prosecutor for charging Antifa rioters while hundreds of prosecutors filed no charges or only misdemeanors against the domestic terrorist organization. Oh, the irony of complaining about using the system to impose a viewpoint. Now let's talk about the Supreme Court. >Eastman summarized. “We have been blocked by our governors not calling us into special session to deal with this in any formal way. Please give us a week or 10 days now that we’re back in formal session to conclude our investigations and to make our best judgment about what ought to be done about this illegality.” With the majority of other constitutional scholars on this issue, Eastman believes “Pence had the authority. He didn’t want to exercise it.” Majority of which scholars? Those hand-picked by the Federalist Society? >“We don’t live by fact anymore, we live by false narratives repeated over and over again until they look true because they’ve been repeated so often,” Eastman said of far-reaching false claims about his legal advice in 2020 election cases, which have resulted in not only his departure from his law school deanship but also losing multiple posts, including with the University of Colorado and The Federalist Society. Wow. I wonder who made that a popular part of his speeches... Read the rest of the article and try to remember that it's not satire.

UGH! Trump Aide Jason Miller Accused of Sexual Assault - Is That a Trump Employment Prerequisite?
>The number of Donald Trump associates implicated in illegal and/or immoral conduct just went up again. He already held the record for such unsavory connections in both his political and private lives, but he is apparently determined to set the bar so high that no one will ever challenge his dominance in depravity. > >Jason Miller, who is currently a senior advisor to Trump, has been accused of a variety of sexually related offences against another Trump aide, A.J. Delgado. He's just the latest member of Trump's inner circle to be charged with such grotesque misbehavior. Perhaps he can use as his defense that he was just following the example of his boss, who was recently affirmed to have committed rape against writer E. Jean Carroll.

I’m sure if somebody were to even hint at threatening the supply of spray on tan, trump would immediately go ballistic.

Trump Lawyers Say New York Filing Is 'Irrelevant' to DC Gag Order Hearing
>Donald Trump's lawyers on Friday filed a response to prosecutors' Thursday filing, arguing that any threats the former president could have triggered against Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron or his court staff are "irrelevant" to the need for a gag order in the case Trump faces in Washington, D.C.

DeSantis Takes Credit For Funding Approved By Biden - Joe.My.God.
>Via press release from DeSantis’s official state website: > >>Today, Governor Ron DeSantis awarded more than $28 million through the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund to expand semiconductor manufacturing and chip manufacturing through five workforce development projects.

MTG Is Getting Trolled With Hilariously Awful Amazon Reviews Of Her New Book—And People Can't Get Enough
>Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene just released her new book MTG, and the Amazon reviews...are something.

House Republicans probe leaked NSA glossary that featured ‘white fragility,’ ‘genderqueer’
>House Republicans are investigating a leaked glossary of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) terms passed around the National Security Agency, which they say provides a “deeply troubling” look into the “hiring and contracting processes” of the intelligence organization. > >Reps. Mike Waltz (R-Fla.) and Jim Banks (R-Ind.) wrote in a Tuesday letter to NSA Director Paul Nakasone that the glossary includes “incoherent” definitions of terms concerning gender, race and capitalism that could “harm national security.”

Federal Court Orders Pennsylvania To Count Mail-in Ballots With Missing or Incorrect Date
>WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, in a major victory for Pennsylvania voters, a federal court ruled that Pennsylvania counties must count mail-in ballots that are missing or have an incorrect date on the outer envelope. > >This decision stems from a lawsuit by civil rights organizations challenging the state’s date requirement for mail-in ballots, which mandated counties to reject undated mail-in ballots (ballots that are timely cast and valid but missing a date on their outer return envelopes) or wrongly dated mail-in ballots (ballots that are timely cast and valid but missing a date on their outer return envelopes). > >Ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, the plaintiffs alleged that rejecting ballots with a missing or incorrect date violates the Materiality Provision of the Civil Rights Act — which prevents disenfranchising a voter for a reason that is not material to their eligibility such as a small error or omission — because the date is not consequential in determining if a voter’s ballot was timely cast. Instead, Pennsylvania uses the time the ballot was received and stamped by the county board to determine when the ballot was received. > >The court sided with the plaintiffs today and struck down this requirement after finding that it does violate the Materiality Provision “Federal law prohibits a state from erecting immaterial roadblocks, such as this, to voting,” the court held.

Consider this, the judge agreed that Trump engaged in insurrection and the petitioners were right in every single claim except that “he was not an officer of the United States”. The appeal only needs to overturn that one part of the decision. The facts have now been laid out and a federal judge agreed with all but one of them. If we had a normal Supreme Court, this would be a slam dunk.

Appeal filed in Colorado 14th Amendment case - CREW | Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington
>The six Republican and unaffiliated Colorado voters who challenged Donald Trump’s eligibility to be on the ballot following his actions on January 6th last night filed an appeal with the Colorado Supreme Court challenging the judge’s rulings that the president is not an “officer of the United States” and that the president’s oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution” is not an oath to “support” the Constitution as required by Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. > >Not only did the district court rule in favor of the petitioners on every factual issue necessary to disqualify Trump from the ballot–including the historic ruling that he engaged in insurrection against the Constitution as president, it also found for the petitioners on every legal issue necessary to remove Trump save for the one. The six voters are represented by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the firms Tierney Lawrence Stiles LLC, KBN Law, LLC and Olson Grimsley Kawanabe Hinchcliff & Murray LLC.

We’ll have to arrest half of Congress then. Considering how far up trump’s ass most of the Republican Party is, they could all be convicted of gay sex.

Mike Johnson’s America: Revisit landmark SCOTUS decisions and use government to ‘restrain evil’ | CNN Politics
>CNN — Mike Johnson, the new speaker of the House, voiced support for revisiting Supreme Court decisions that struck down restrictions on the use of contraception, barred bans on gay sex and legalized same sex marriages, according to a CNN review of his prior public statements.

He didn’t “have sex with” a 14yo. Just as the charge says, he “sexually abused” a 14yo. He’s a rapist and molester.

Also, of course, “insists that he did nothing wrong”. He’s a republican. It’s ok for them. /s

Moms for Liberty hires convicted child sex abuser to handle religious outreach
>Moms for Liberty (M4L), the anti-LGBTQ+ “extremist group” that constantly vilifies LGBTQ+ people for “sexualizing kids,” hired a registered sex offender who allegedly had oral and anal sex with a 14-year-old boy to handle the religious outreach for its Philadelphia chapter. > >The offender, Phillip Fisher Jr., was convicted in 2012 for the aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. He pleaded guilty to one count of “aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor between the ages of 13 and 17” in the case, even though a grand jury indicted him in 2011 for 12 counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse. Despite his guilty plea, Fisher “insists that he did nothing wrong,” the publication wrote.

US Supreme Court rejects ex-cop Chauvin's appeal in George Floyd murder
>WASHINGTON, Nov 20 (Reuters) - The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear an appeal by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin of his conviction for the murder of George Floyd during a 2020 arrest, which sparked widespread protests against police brutality and racism. > >The justices turned away Chauvin's appeal that he filed after a Minnesota appellate court upheld his 2021 murder conviction and rejected his request for a new trial. Chauvin had argued that jury bias and certain rulings by the presiding judge deprived him of his right to a fair trial under the U.S. Constitution's Sixth Amendment.

An appeals court has struck down a key path for enforcing the Voting Rights Act
>The legal dispute is focused on who is allowed to sue to try to enforce key provisions under Section 2 of the landmark civil rights law, which was first passed in 1965. > >Private individuals and groups, who did not represent the U.S. government, have for decades brought the majority of Section 2 cases to court. Those cases have challenged the redrawing of voting maps and other steps in the elections process with claims that the voting power of people of color has been minimized. > >U.S. District Judge Lee Rudofsky, an appointee of former President Donald Trump, ruled in February 2022, however, that only the head of the Justice Department, the U.S. attorney general, can bring Section 2 lawsuits and dismissed an Arkansas redistricting case brought by advocacy groups representing Black voters in the state.

Can a socialist ex-marine fill Joe Manchin’s seat in West Virginia?
>By all indications, Shrewsbury, a 32-year-old Marine Corps veteran and community organizer, faces a difficult, if not impossible, road to victory. West Virginia gave Donald Trump his second-biggest margin of support of any state in the nation three years ago, and Manchin is the last Democrat holding a statewide office. Political analysts do not expect voters to elect the Democratic candidate – whoever that turns out to be – and predict Manchin will be replaced by either Governor Jim Justice or Congressman Alex Mooney, the two leading Republicans in the Senate race. > >Shrewsbury’s message to them is: not so fast. > >“People were really sold on the fact that Joe Manchin could be the only Democrat that could win in West Virginia, and I very much disagree,” Shrewsbury told the Guardian a week after the senator made his announcement.

Mike Johnson’s ministry board includes far-right figures who doubt evolution, oppose LGBTQ rights
>More evidence of House Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-La.) close ties to the far-right fringes of evangelical conservatism has surfaced with a closer look at the board of directors of his ministry, Onward Christian Education Services. > >Research compiled by Accountable.US and shared exclusively with the Washington Blade reveals that a judge and minister who have known Johnson for years and are serving as two of the four members of his organization’s board have espoused, endorsed, or been linked to extreme views about LGBTQ people, women, and the scientific consensus on evolution. > >Additionally, the judge — Chris Victory of the Caddo Parish Court, which is the First Judicial District Court of Louisiana — has a controversial record on the bench with respect to cases involving use of force by law enforcement.

House Speaker Mike Johnson campaigned with disgraced reality TV Star Josh Duggar, one of several accused sex offenders connected to his 'mentor' Tony Perkins
>But a Business Insider review of Johnson's social media postings and political affiliations found that while he was busy seeking to regulate private sexual behavior and castigating his opponents as "groomers" of children, the Louisiana Republican was associated with a coterie of right-wing activists with a history of overlooking, tolerating, or ignoring the sexual abuse of children and teens in their own midst. > >Most notably, according to a photo posted to his Facebook account and unearthed by Business Insider, Johnson proudly campaigned in 2014 with a man who would become one of the most notorious sex offenders in recent history — disgraced reality TV star Josh Duggar.

The No Labels party asked its supporters if they would pay $100 to help choose its 2024 nominee
>PHOENIX (AP) — No Labels, a political organization that has alarmed some Democrats with talk of launching a third-party presidential candidate, has contemplated requiring a donation of at least $100 in order to cast a ballot at the group’s upcoming nominating convention, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Ron DeSantis vents about Donald Trump picks moving SCOTUS to 'the left'
>The Governor criticized Kavanaugh and Gorsuch during an Iowa event Saturday. > >When it comes to the last Republican President’s Supreme Court picks, Ron DeSantis’ verdict is in. > >They don’t measure up to real conservatives like Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, he said Saturday in Pella, Iowa, > >The Governor noted that contrary to liberal picks from the past, Trump’s “Republican appointees are not in lockstep.” > >He saw Brett Kavanaugh “go left,” and said that Neil Gorsuch was even worse. > >“He wrote an opinion reinterpreting the Civil Rights Act from 1964 to include transgenderism,” DeSantis said, regarding a ruling in 2020. “They didn’t even know what it was then.”

USDA Unveils Updated Plant Hardiness Zone Map
>As with the 2012 map, the new version has 13 zones across the United States and its territories. Each zone is broken into half zones, designated as “A” and “B.” For example, zone 7 is divided into 7a and 7b half zones. When compared to the 2012 map, the 2023 version reveals that about half of the country shifted to the next warmer half zone, and the other half of the country remained in the same half zone. That shift to the next warmer half zone means those areas warmed somewhere in the range of 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit; however, some locations experienced warming in the range of 0-5 degrees Fahrenheit without moving to another half zone. > >These national differences in zonal boundaries are mostly a result of incorporating temperature data from a more recent time period. The 2023 map includes data measured at weather stations from 1991 to 2020. Notably, the 2023 map for Alaska is “warmer” than the 2012 version. That’s mainly because the new map uses more data representing the state’s mountain regions where, during winter, warm air overlies cold air that settles into low-elevation valleys, creating warmer temperatures.

  1. No surprise who voted to allow Florida to impose vaguely worded laws it could twist any way it wanted

  2. It’s all about the vagueness.

There is only one proper response to this:

Texas has been majority white since at least the mid 1800s, but Hispanics have been expected to overtake the majority for some time. Now, new data shows that happened at some time in 2022.

The U.S. Census Bureau updated its official population estimates, and the numbers confirm Latinos have officially made up the largest share of the state’s population since at least last July.

Lloyd Potter, state demographer of Texas and director of the Texas Demographic Center, said Hispanic Texans made up 40.2% of the state’s population last summer, edging out non-Hispanic white Texans, who made up 39.8%.

“When we look at demographic and population change, there’s what we refer to as components of population change,” Potter said. “The three major components are births, deaths and net migration. So when we look at and when we compare population change between the non-Hispanic white population and the Hispanic population, the dynamics of those elements are different.”

For example, Hispanics tend to have higher birth rates than the non-Hispanic white population, Potter said.

Unless a counselor believes, and I mean truly believes, that a single session is going to suddenly stop someone from molesting their own child whom they come in contact with daily, priests should, in my opinion, be covered by the Tarasoff decision. There are similar exceptions in states other than California.

In Tarasoff v. Regents of the University of California (1976), the California Supreme Court held that mental health providers have an obligation to protect persons who could be harmed by a patient. The court’s decision mandates that mental health professionals use “reasonable care” in informing authorities or warning potential victims, initially referred to as the “duty to warn,” or by using whatever means deemed necessary, should they determine that a patient poses a threat to a third party.

I’m sure all the fringe medical therapy groups (read: scam artists) will jump right on this. Not that there’s really any difference between someone selling boner pills and these guys.

Why not treat them as the domestic terrorists they obviously are? When they start losing their guns due to felony convictions, they might start listening.

There are a number of republicans that would disagree. Thankfully, they’ve been told no.

The independent state legislature theory or independent state legislature doctrine (ISL) is a judicially rejected legal theory that posits that the Constitution of the United States delegates authority to regulate federal elections within a state to that state’s elected lawmakers without any checks and balances from state courts, governors, or other bodies with legislative power (such as constitutional conventions or independent commissions).

I am a CIS male and run the Flo app just to mess with their stats and tracking. You wouldn’t believe how often my period is off!