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There is no realistic hope that the west will do anything more than pay lip service and run greenwash initiatives

And blame China for their own misdoings!

“You may have caught me lying, but I’m right anyways”

Literally preschool levels of argumentation.

I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying that someone will use whatever you write down against you in the future?

You forgot the final step: have your movement destroyed and/or silenced if it inconveniences the ruling class in the slightest. As history has shown us time and time again.

You’re free to vote for change within a social democratic framework (which makes very little difference anyways), but you can’t change that framework.

If we in the west want a different approach, how would voting express that? It’s impossible to change our neoliberal and social democratic system via voting.

Linus Torvalds also is an unhinged edgelord who thinks he’s the best guy ever.

He did make a dope kernel though.

There is literally a one hour interview in the article lol

Did you miss it?

I would highly recommend looking up the actual law to be passed that caused this ‘protest’. Really makes you think…

I took Lion’s Mane for a while in the past, but sadly it made me feel kind of on edge. It was probably just in my head though.

BREAKING: Putin and the Russians caused my wife to leave me, my hamster to die, my car to break down and possibly the original sin!

It’s ok, since they’re Ukrainian they’re allowed to be nazis and say whatever they want