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Sure, I suppose I’m like this too, and hunting down and fixing this stuff brings me the most satisfaction. Highly recommended to learn to program :)))

Have not conversed with the rest of the team, but, personally, I’m not opposed persay to AI, but would certainly put much higher value on hand made banners – I feel like AI lacks creativity, style? If that makes sense, but also If someone can make a decent banner with it I’m not opposed. Size wise, I’d probably shoot for something like 1000x500, though of I can downscale stuff as needed. 2:1-3:2 ish, other communities have banners to see (two ones I’ve quickly found is !green@lemmy.ml and !mechanicalkeyboards@lemmy.ml)

Please report shitheads. We do not allow shitheads.

Instance admins can promote users to be moderators. Such is the case with lemmy.ml, where we have !community_requests@lemmy.ml. Future questions should be at !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

I’m interested in the moderator bot. Have you made any progress on it?

Could you link your previous account?

Do you want to moderate asklemmy?
Hello! We've reached 15k members (afaik we're still the largest community on lemmy). It's a lot for only a couple people, though there is admin support. I'm looking for a couple people to join and help moderate. Ideally you: 1. Have a history of contributions to this community 2. Have been on lemmy for a reasonable* amount of time and do not plan to leave any time soon *Genuinely not sure what constitutes reasonable, I suppose it will be case-by-case. It's a little frightening to appoint someone who just came via the reddit migration, but I understand that 4/5 of this community are newish so it's fine. The main hope is that you'll stick around. Ideally I'll pick a few people out in the coming days. I'm also going to correspond with the admins before changes. Thanks

I can’t believe I had to add a rule just for this

No support here! [Please report support posts]
There's been an influx of content surrounding lemmy here. Some of it is open ended: - "What kinds of things from reddit would you like to see Lemmy avoid as the user base grows?" - "Lemmy, what do you call users of Lemmy?" And these are a-ok! There's also been a lot of questions like - "How do I block a user?" - "How do I join a community on a different instance" These aren't open ended (at least, relatively). They are objective based, and just need a resolution, rather than discussion. These sort of questions are more relevant to [!lemmy_support@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy_support). I know there's also questions like "What are you guys doing when there’s multiple communities for the same thing across instances?". I'm inclined to let those stay, there is lots of opportunity for discussion. It's a game of discretion from a moderation perspective, but I assume most can easily guess what is cold hard support. At least from me, moderation of support posts has been sporadic at best, despite the long standing rule. I will begin redirecting these questions to [!lemmy_support@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/lemmy_support), however I'm of course willing to listen to the community here if that's not what is wanted, as well as other feedback. edit: support posts will now be removed, not locked

If the developers do not distribute donations among all contributors

I understand completely. I’ve received a total of 400$ or so from open source bounties and other rewards, and would love to see a similar model in many more projects, including lemmy… and yet, please bear in mind that lemmy’s monthly income is currently only around 700 dollars (and that’s increased in the past couple months), excluding nlnet funding. The top two contributors have each added around 40 times more lines then the third to the project. Totaling all 140 independent contributors, they still fall more than 5x short of either of the main developers. My takeaway is that this site needs more funding.

See also https://lemmy.ml/post/1175822, and ccing @nutomic@lemmy.ml

Yes! The contributing guide mentions that there are plenty of other ways including design, translations, donations, and even just reporting issues you come across! Everything can be a huge help.

Consider contributing to lemmy!
Hi everyone, welcome, ect... It might go without saying but lemmy is open source! The platform is written in rust and typescript (which is a big pro for me). I'm sure we all have our little gripes with the platform, and those are fixed with collective teamwork :) [These](https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues?q=is:issue+is:open+label:%22good+first+issue%22) are "good first issues", [here](https://join-lemmy.org/docs/en/contributors/01-overview.html) is a contributing guide), and [here](https://matrix.to/#/#lemmydev:matrix.org) is a chat where developers coordinate. Let's make the best link aggregator!

Welcome everyone! Just as a PSA, here’s a cross instance community explorer: https://browse.feddit.de/

Mastodon suffers from similar annoyances. I feel like this system could be improved, it’s pretty confusing for beginners. I support frontends rewriting links, I suppose (though I suppose there is the tricky issue of deciding what links point to the fedi. Maybe “!cats@midwest.social” should not be a link…)

Do you hate raids?!
Hey all, if you notice any comments that clearly don't belong here please hit the report button! In the next few days I will be checking in every few hours to ensure this community is in tip top shape. I have also recruited two new mods.

Someone should really revamp email
Email is already nicely federated, but I think it's time for a change. Services like protonmail claim to offer encryption between users, but you can't host your own instance. It would be awesome if there was a spec somewhere for a federated email service that defines - email encryption between users - markdown - ~~connection with activity pub? (What would this look like)~~ I mean some way to "email the web", ie: add comments via email - compatibility with standard email users (if you send/receive to/from a user who does not have email v2 implemented it just uses normal features) - somehow better support for email discussion groups (hop in and out, public interface defined) - this spec should be focused heavily on usage for humans instead of automated mailing, I expect html would not be defined. I'm just spit balling here. Does anyone have any ideas? Does something like this exist? Thanks, Evan

Resonate – the ethical music streaming co-op
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/81992 > Resonate is a really cool co-op and they could really use some volunteers & users. > > I've been looking for a more ethical music streaming service since I discovered [Spotify and other streaming platforms are terrible for small artists](https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2021/03/18/spotify-artist-earnings-figures/). Only the top 3% of artists make $1000/yr and only the top 1% make more than $5000/yr. You'd have to be in the top 0.2% to actually earn a living of $50,000/yr on Spotify. > > Resonate is the only platform I've found that's doing something radically different. They have a stream to own model in which listeners pay artists directly about 1/4 of one cent for their first stream then the price increases exponentially with each stream until the 9th stream at which point the listener has paid ~$1.50usd. At that point the user can download the song for offline listening and never has to pay to stream that song again. > > Perhaps the coolest part is they are a co-op, 45% of governance weight is reserved for artist shares, 35% for listener shares, and only 20% for staff. > > Resonate is a small project that could use all the help it can get. If anyone knows of any other cool music platforms, I'd love to know about them, too! https://github.com/resonatecoop/stream

[Mod] What is your vision for asklemmy?
Hey! Back after a large break from lemmy and after returning to the community it seems it is more advice focused: `what is the best way to learn programming` vs story focused `what is a bad mistake when you started programming`. My job as a moderator is to serve the community best I can, so instead of changing the rules to recklessly to bar topics further without consent, I want to extend an invitation for *you*, the members of the community, to share what you want to see content wise from this community. **Examples:** > I like it as is! or > New rules ideas > - Only questions about cats are allowed > - Posts about dogs will result in being banned Thank you! Evan