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Ok, it’s been a while since I tried running a language model so I might have been thinking of the 30b models that were showing up at the time. The point remains though that this thing they were running would be well beyond hardware generally available and completely impractical for realtime use. Like… why would you do all that when flac and png are good enough. It is far cheaper and uses less power to accommodate the slightly less compressed files.

A LOT. You can barely run 13b parameter models on a 24gb gfx card and outputs are like a page or so of text. Translate that over to audio and it would have to be broken down into discrete chunks that the model could use as “prompts” to output a section of audio that fit into the models available output. It might compress better, but it would be exceedingly painful and slow to extract even on AI focused cards. And it would use OODLES of watts to get just a little bit better than flac.

Oh wow! Thanks, it seems I have quite the rabbit hole to go down but it looks worth it! Gosh anyone remember the days when you could buy a thing and just be able to use the thing for as long as you owned it. Or when you owned the things you bought at all? Am I just a boomer?

Not sure what you mean by teaching to suck eggs, but don’t apologize! I’ve never really looked into home assistant. I thought it was an apple exclusive thing. It can be run locally?

Read: Before YOU were able to verify who was using the device. But now WE want to know who is using the device.

Well shit. I liked my hue bulbs. They were the only ‘smart’ stuff I was willing to set up in my home. The reasoning they gave for this is so disgustingly disingenuous.

That might be handy if we didn’t already live in a day and age where everyone is carrying a device that can put them in touch with a live person 24-7.

Is this really any different than pc gaming? Am I not really hanging out with my brother and friends as we coop our way through Baldur’s Gate? It’s “not real” and we are not face to face. VR Chat feels even more real. Real enough to trigger my social anxiety and prevent me from having any fun or joining in. It’s too much like face to face contact. (This is a personal problem but it makes me question this guy’s take on how fake that kind of socializing is.)

I really, truly, do not believe the world is in danger of people in general preferring to strap these devices to their face over physically hanging out. The tech is cool but it never really took off. The reason noone is talking about this problem, Hugh, is that it’s not really a concern.

I’m 100% for more regulation and more caution but I don’t understand using the “robots” terminology unless you are trying to conflate it with AI… which absolutely does need regulation and caution. There’s a lot of harm that they can do. But early on in the article to prove “just how long robots have been killing humans” they describe an accident at a manufacturing facility that uses those robotic arms. And a man was told to enter the machine to adjust something while it was running. You know, they did that back in the cotton mills too. Had children run under the running machinery to collect fallen cotton. And children died in the mills when the machines would come smashing into them.

Did we come to the conclusion that cotton mills are a menace? Yes. Well, not because the machines were out of control right? The people running the mill and telling people to move into the dangerous machinery were the menace. And it’s the exact same for the opening argument in this article. Someone was instructed to do something dangerous that they should never have been asked to do, and they died.

So yes, let’s be careful about new tech. But let’s be more careful about how business owners will abuse the people around the tech. Please.

His whole business model and life strategy is to borrow from fools and have those people fall on the sword for him. I don’t think he’d ever consider actually paying up.

We need more infrastructure dedicated to micro-mobility options like ebikes and escooters so that they don’t have to mix with pedestrian traffic as often. We need to allow more mixed zoning so that we don’t have to travel 20 minutes by bike to get to the store, alleviating the drive to ride as fast as possible.

The media is afraid they’ll have to concede any amount of space, attention, or time to anything that isn’t an automobile.

Personally I think the solution for planes is the one noone wants to hear :( We just need to fly a LOT fewer planes. Electric for short flights possibly but even then with the charging time the uptime on those is pretty bad compared to burning carbon and probably always will be. So… more electric trains? Pretty please?

I can’t imagine it’s got a weight advantage over just running cables like they already do.

sigh I guess it’s just cool to claim to have found room-temperature superconductors this month. I wouldn’t trust anything coming from a blockchain company regardless but making such an outlandish claim would be comical if the intended purpose of filing this patent wasn’t almost certainly to patent troll anyone they can while people are interested in trying to replicate the claims of the Korean paper

I have no problem with FOSS having a monetary cost. Devs have to eat too. The dev on Google Play store does seem to be on the core team for the app. (https://github.com/OpenTracksApp) I would hope the money is going to the project and not just that one guy but I don’t see anything transparent about it. That being said it would really not be hard for any of that team to notice that the app is on the g play store and for money with that person’s name attached to it. So it’s most likely on the up and up.

Edit: Other people have noted that the play store version is essentially the donate to project option. I need more coffee since I didn’t find that link lol

It is great to see support for the devs here though!

Google is more interested in serving page after page of ads and boilerplate and ai generated articles. I don’t think them not indexing things is as relevant as it used to be