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Except Timbro the “liberal think-tank” (corporate lobbyists) currently bombarding our media with statements that the unions are blackmailing Tesla instead of bargaining. They don’t mention that IF Metall has been trying to reach an agreement with Tesla for FIVE years already.

Those people are trash and should be kicked out of our country.

Libertarian just means “I just want to do whatever I want, no matter how it affects others”.

Poland is very religious. Their politicians know that religious people are essentially brain damaged and will believe pretty much anything as long as it comes from someone they view as an authority figure (even if its proven wrong, they’ll still stick with it). Raising children to be religious is child abuse.

Hold everyone who works at amazon and every shareholder responsible. Because they are.

Escalating the war in Ukraine? Please explain how the U.S. has “escalated” the full blown Russian invasion of Ukraine without sounding like a fool.

That’s just my experience after working in a school for the last year. It doesn’t make me hopeful for the future.

I wish Linux was more mature. Even as a systems and network administrator with 10+ years of experience working with both Linux and Windows in an enterprise environment, my private desktop Linux installs still occasionally bork themselves for no good reason and require a reinstall. Linux just doesn’t like it when you do stuff with it.

Would be a lot easier if they had immigrated through the proper channels. It’s almost impossible to get non-exploitative work if you just show up on the beach with no passport and no ID.

All because Interpol is lazy and incompetent. Unwilling to do the actual work.

Switched to Tidal a couple of years ago. I like the app better and the bump in audio quality is nice with good headphones or on my hifi system. If you’re the kind of person who walk around with whatever the latest chinesium special bluetooth buds promoted by influencers are then it might not be for you.

They’ve pretty much copied all the good features on Spotify (like my mix) but left out all the useless bloat and “promotions”.

Not really. Never noticed a problem. I’m on Xperia 1 III running LineageOS 20 and everything’s pretty snappy.

It’s very hard to care when religious people kill each other. They are clinically insane due to trauma from abuse in their childhood and are very unlikely to recover. The best we can do is to protect children from these evil cults.

Hahaha. Oh wait you’re serious? Let me laugh even harder! HAHAHAHA!

Any meat can be halal and kosher as long as the person eating believes it is. The difference between halal meat and non-halal meat is nothing. It’s all in the deranged persons mind.

Of course they would. Your fat joke of a wannabe dictator will dance to any tune if you throw enough money at him.