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There’s absolutely zero evidence that anyone knew before he was invited. And after it was revealed, not one political figure in Canada has said something along the lines of “good people on both sides”.

As a Canadian sure it’s a guff, and the guy paid a price for his mistake and didn’t fight it, but compared to America I’ll take shit like this 8 days a week.

I know you’re being antagonized, but I object to this statement. I used to read headlines/excepts on Reddit about “so-and-so thinks this and said that!” and then I’d go watch an unedited video of the speech, and I was like, “that’s your takeaway?” It’s always some shit like:

Interviewer “Do you think if Russia launches nukes, it will impact Medicaid?”

Interviewee: “I think if there’s nukes in the air, Medicaid will be the least of our concerns.”


Well no, in my example the shirt is the image and the signature on it is the NFT bit. Physically, it’s just a bit of ink, but the shirt itself is no different than one you can go pickup at the store.

Try telling that to sports memorabilia collectors though.

“Look at my hockey jersey!” “Yeah, so? I have the same one.” “Yeah but you’re wasn’t signed by Wayne Gretsky.”

Or even trading cards, or comics. Or hell, even plain w-shirts with a brand logo on it for $250. People assign arbitrary values to stuff all the time. I don’t understand it at all, but there’s a whole ton of people that just eat that shit up like it’s candy.

The graphic novel, written by Ari Folman and illustrated by David Polonsky, adapts the diary of 13-year-old Anne Frank, who wrote while hiding in an annexe in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam. Eighth-grade students were reportedly shown a section of the graphic novel where Frank reflected on her own genitals and wanted to see a female friend’s breasts, according to KFDM.

So basically exactly like all of the 13 yr olds in the class, who are probably taught at home how their body parts are shameful.

Doing some top quality research here:

Mattress Types and Sex Suitability

There was a video I saw a while back of a look-alike getting swarmed by fans, fans who were bawling about meeting her, it’s just fucking nuts. I saw Harrison Ford once from a distance, and I was like “hey cool, I saw Harrison Ford”, but some people just go apeshit.

I had never heard of it either. I had PIA when I was on Windows, still haven’t gotten it setup on Linux though.

A dedicated KVM would be a better option but I’m not willing to spend that much money.

Honestly the worst part about a dedicated KVM, at least for a home setup, is the 30lbs of thick bulky cables.

The article you linked says, multiple times, that it was a spy balloon. No one is arguing whether China did or did not use it to spy on America except you.

Your only argument seems to be that a F1 race car while parked is no longer a race car because it’s not currently racing.

After the Navy raised the wreckage from the bottom of the Atlantic, technical experts discovered the balloon’s sensors had never been activated while over the Continental United States.

On May 21, President Biden remarked, “This silly balloon that was carrying two freight cars’ worth of spying equipment was flying over the United States, and it got shot down, and everything changed in terms of talking to one another.”

So, Martin asked, “Bottom line, it was a spy balloon, but it wasn’t spying?” Milley replied, “I would say it was a spy balloon that we know with high degree of certainty got no intelligence, and didn’t transmit any intelligence back to China.”

If you’re so dead set on it being a conspiracy theory, why are you posting articles that debunk your own claim?

How a being of inordinate power and knowledge even exists would ‘feel’ or ‘think’ is indeed incomprehensible to us. It’s hubris to believe an entity with the power to create a universe could look down, at a single point in time, at a single place in the universe, and think “I’m really angry that creature masturbated” or “That woman showed her face in public, well she’s dead to me now”.

And that’s exactly what religion wants us to believe. That we’re somehow special in the universe, and there’s some grand entity that watches over every single little thing we do throughout the blip of our lives in the eternity of the cosmos. It’s honestly fucking bonkers.

I refuse to believe that a being incalculable in power and knowledge, omnipotent, able to see both the past and the future, is somehow, according to what religious people want you to believe, burdened by what we humans experience as emotions or morality.

I completely agree, though in that case I can’t see what the advantage would be if you already have Windows, to switch to Linux. It’s a challenge, you’re going to be constantly looking for alternatives to software you’ve used for years. Let’s face it, the software world is still primarily focused on Windows, and while there are a lot of developer and server packages that Just Work Better™ on Linux, but if you’re an end user who’s only interested in gaming, why bother?

This, the difficulty of simply paying for the things you want. I used to pirate music back in the IRC/pre-Napster days, and then iTunes came out. “I can just click a button and the song is on my computer, high quality, no fuss?” That was the end of music pirating for me.

I have Amazon Prime and I’ve tried Netflix in the past. The amount of time I spent sorting through their shit movies to find something worth watching was abysmal, not to mention no way to filter out the huge influx of low-budget non-English content.