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The DPRK has nukes. Why would they suffer an invasion or bombardment? There’s no war against Korea that isn’t nuclear.

I see. Then perhaps I should change my answer to a top notch frontend for Goldfish

Do any mechanisms exist for letting users discover communities on other instances? Especially brand new ones.

For this I would like to know if there are any things that [are] still unclear now.

I’m registered on Lemmygrad. Lemmygrad and Lemmy are federated, I see this post. How come I can’t see all Lemmy.ml communities? Is that Lemmygrad’s decision? Is that something I could override with a different Lemmy client, but without having to register in the Lemmy.ml instance?
As reference, the community librewolf is not accessible from Lemmygrad.ml.

Hej, this is difficult to troubleshoot from the information you shared. If you take a screenshot, you can copy/paste it into a Lemmy comment, perhaps posting screenshots would help describe the problem.

This is good and all, but as long as Android and iOS are subservient to the NSA, all that changes is an origin tag on the kompromat.

Android fork isn’t Linux. I mean actual linux, with actual freedom, and taking advantage of the open source community and existing software.

China has an initiative to replace Windows with Linux on the desktop as well.

Can you tell me about this?

China should make a coordinated Linux push, since they’re always at risk of getting kicked out of Android when they start doing well on phones, and Windows, iOS, Android, Mac OS, are all spy-tools anyway.