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Capitalist Musicians

haha… good one. If you are serious, I doubt if we have that many musicians in here (I mean, not enough to manipulate the voting system so badly at least)

edit: oh F, I didn’t read it completely. You lost me at it’s not possible, but now after having read it, you might have a point.

(I might not know what I am talking about, feel free to criticize). And I tried downloading from Spotify directly using yt-dlp.

it’s possible.


[SOLVED] Need help downloading spotify playlists efficiently using SpotDL
[SOLVED] Solution: https://lemmy.ml/comment/4317564 ----------------------------- I am doing all of this using ChatGPT, I know enough bash to understand the script partially, but not enough to write the script myself. I recently posted [bash script(click)](https://paste.debian.net/plain/1293528) to download songs on `spotify` using `Spotdl` [Updated Post](https://lemmy.ml/post/5563993) This is all good, but I am not trying to download whole playlists and I want to make sure to 1. Not download any songs multiple times by comparing the files you are trying to download with the songs you have downloaded already. 2. Add the songs' `URL` to the `Archieve_file` so it doesn't download it again. i.e., compare and if present, exit loop, if not present in file, download and add link to the file. This was easier when I was dealing with only `song` links and not `playlist` links. But now, playlists complicates the equation, but if I can achieve this, I can basically add this script to `crontab` and make sure I always have a local copy of the songs in my playlist and these playlists would be checked regularly for new downloads and new songs would be downloaded. This is really cool! Now, the complications I am facing, I don't know how to get the URLs of the `spotify songs` out of `spotify playlists` using `spotdl` or any cli package. If I can do this then, I can make the script go through each link `clean` the link of unncessary attributes and then download it or if it's downloaded already, move on to the next song. Now, I don't know how to do it. It would be very helpful if you guys could share any scripts that you have which will achieve this effect or help me get the song URL's from a playlist using a cli package. PS: I might need some time to reply, I might sleep rn Thank you for your help!

@bpalmerau@aussie.zone & @magic_lobster_party@kbin.social

I never ever donated to Wikipedia, I thought, heck, they are famous enough I am pretty sure they won’t go out of business anytime soon and I was right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Fundraising_statistics. Wikipedia raised about 5M dollars per years from 2016-2021. According to them, it’s to “act as a permanent safekeeping fund to generate income to ensure a base level of support for the Wikimedia projects in perpetuity.” -Wiki

What do you think of that? I mean, I don’t think they need that much to have a financially secure future, do you? I mean, I don’t know how they spend it. Most open source projects don’t have that kind of cash-flow.

I understand we live in an ecosystem, so if you don’t feed it it’s going to wither. Passion projects only go so far.


A lot of projects accept crypto donations, which is great, even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can donate a tiny amount of money to each project you use. To both get you in the habit of appreciating your creators, but also to let them know they have an engaged user base. Yeah you might donate a penny. If you can’t afford anything. That’s fine. But it demonstrates your participation which is important.

I like this idea, I might just skip a turn of unhealthy (but tasty) food and pay them to one creator! Good idea!

I look forward to be someone like you dude! seriously! I want to do everything you are doing, not out of compulsion but as a form of gratitude, as a thank you!

Bitwarden. Didn’t take long to start supporting them as the price point is incredibly reasonable.

As a bitwarden user, thank you ;) and I look forward to join you. Bitwarden is an amazing service.

someone has to bear the voluntary burden to make the service better for everyone else. It’s somewhat of an act of charity, but you are getting a great service you can trust in return for that. And Protonmail/VPN people have proved that they deserve the trust that’s entrusted on them unlike most others.

But, I understand you point of view

To what extend are you grateful for free services?
There are services that are actually free, those who don't sell your data and still manage to stay afloat. I use a lot of these. I like the Freemium model, I like the fact that the community is paying for my use of a great service till I can stand on my own two feet. So, I was wondering if there were any services you used for free once but once you got money, you started supporting it. It makes more financial sense to go with folks who offer only paid services, because you essentially are not bearing the cost of those who are not yet able to pay (or will never pay), but are there instances where you went with the company who was providing you free service for all those years out of gratitude? I use ProtonVPN and I trust the folks at ProtonVPN and hopefully someday be buying a paid plan although some say it's overpriced! What about you. What is the service you plan on paying for one day or one you are paying for now out of gratitude and a sense of community? Also, it doesn't have to paid, let's say you became a tor node because you wanted to help the service you believe in. Or something like this, you get the idea! Also, thanks to admins and devs of lemmy.ml as I was able to get in without any fuss even after using Tor Browser. And screw reddit for blocking me : ) Edit: It will take me sometime to reply (perhaps a day) but I want to hear you!