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Are you hosting it through a provider such as AWS or Azure? That might be why. I had no issues when setting it up on my own.

I have 2x ISPS and through that multiple raspberry pis. Set up docker, then you can set up multiple VPNs (e.g. OpenVPN which I used just before pandemic) so after 2017. It always worked but these days I would also esim it - they can’t block roaming mobile due to the way roaming works and the travel Sim prices are quite competitive these days.

Tldr no issues hosting on personal internet rather than through a cloud provider.

Example ones I use, simple to set up via docker files.

https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/openvpn-as https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/wireguard

Funny they’re all very patriotic when it comes to these things. However when asked if they personally want to go to war…well, not so patriotic when you have to put your life on the line.

If China wanted peaceful unification they can have it tomorrow.

Cede all power to Taiwan and they can be one country. They definitely won’t be bullied by Taiwan and unlike China Taiwan would accept differing opinions. It’s been done successfully before to a large extent. East and West Germany joined together as one country without the need for border fences or two systems in one country. Just imagine what a basket case of a country if it happened the other way around. 2 systems, border fences different currencies, declining standings on corruption, political freedom etc.

But of course they’ll never do that. Because deep down it’s not the country they care about. They only care about the CCP itself.

Edit: looks like the wumaos are in force, not surprising as a large number of them are otherwise unemployed now 😂

It’s not even internal strife. It all comes down to it’s now or never. If they let this opportunity slip by they will never get Taiwan.

Their population is declining and there’s nothing that can be done about it in any meaningful way. Nothing has worked to get people to have more children. As they get older people of military age will decline.

Right now this generation the males outnumber the females. Which means expendable soldiers. These people will never marry and benefit the state in anyway.

The leverage China has is it’s consumers it’s one of the largest markets. But the Chinese buying things to support international companies is quite minuscule as a percentage of the population and will decline as time goes on, they get all the media attention that’s all . They’ve been struggling to boost internal consumption for years.

And it isn’t that surprising. Chinese people are one of the most tightarse people ever. They haggle everything and that’s even if they get to the point of actually going to buy it. Spending money to make money usually doesn’t factor in.

Dictators seem to outlive most people it seems. Mugabe made it to 90s. Obiang is 81. Everyone is waiting for Putin. Xi could also join this club, if he starts hitting the gym.

Three times the minimum salary doesn’t seem too enticing to go into a warzone. Money is useless if you’re dead and won’t cover for your disabilities if you get injured. But hey that’s just me, each to their own I guess.

I don’t get what’s so special about Grindr. I only knew about it because it was on the news one time and was known as the gay tinder ripoff. Even down to the name.

If the app was known by something else that doesn’t sound like a Tinder ripoff most people wouldn’t even hear about it.

Not my type of app so I’ve never used it but I can’t think of anything that tinder couldn’t do. All tinder has to do is to have a new column in the database

All the other apps need to do is to check if the person’s gender== their preferred gender then that person is gay. If gay show people of same gender otherwise show opposite gender. Any app can do this.

I hope they lose alot of revenue for forcing people back into the office.

It’s nowhere near a good salary to be potentially shot at blown up and killed. You can get way more than that sitting at an office (most likely at home now due to WFH).

I wouldn’t go at all but if I were to go I would probably want 5x+ that amount minimum due to the inheritent danger.

Edit: since you’re at war you’re effectively working 24/7, I fail to see how anything less than minimum 15-20x the amount is a good salary all things considered.

Whether they do or not isn’t really the question. Can more be done? Yes of course. But Catalan, Occitian, Basque and Galician is co-official which affords them use as a medium of instruction, media usage, can ask for services from the government in those languages etc. How’s France doing for those points?

And more importantly Spain has changed in the past 50 years. Keep in mind even half a century ago Spain was the same as France in terms of repressing cultures. France well, it’s still the same.

Well let’s start.

In Spain the medium of instruction can be and is set by the regional government. Catalan, Basque, Occitian and Galician is used extensively as a medium of instruction in public schools (fully funded by the government)

There’s extensive media which includes government owned media in those languages. And for government services you can ask for someone to speak to you in those languages.

The languages are promoted and are co-official. I have friends from Galicia and have been there.

China is a closed society dictatorship. They’re not attractive to higher educated talented people who have a choice where to immigrate to. It would be good for society as a whole for China to get smaller because of they get too big they will try to conquer a few other countries.

Japan is different and has changed over the last half century. They don’t arbitrary detain you or try to be repressive. Society will not lose out if there are more Japanese in the world.

In fact Japan does well with soft power, all my friends love holidaying there and some would even immigrate if the rules were relaxed. Whereas none would go live permanently in china even if they gave out PR on arrival.

Apples and oranges.

It’s France they’re very xenophobic. Just look at how they treat the Corsicans, Brentons, Basques and Catalans.

Night and day to even a few hundred metres across the road in Spain or Andorra.

China is all aggressive because they know it’s now or never. Even before the bad news with their economy it was already a foregone conclusion beforehand.

Everyone knew their population would decline. Then their comparative advantage disappears. Their advantage is a shitload of people, even with a lower GDP per capita it’s still significant as it’s 4x the population as the next country (besides India, who are on an even lower GDP per capita right now)

Due to the sheer numbers they can use their internal market as political leverage. Disagree with them and no money for you.

There’s a few skirmishes but I think Putin has made Xi think twice. Although I do believe China can sustain quite a bit of losses if they do go to war before their advantage of many people disappears.

Firstly they have excess males so theoretically even if they lose excess soldiers it wouldn’t affect their birth rate as the issue is lack of women not men.

Might be a two eggs in one basket outlook for them, gain a bit of territory and rebalance their gender ratio.

We can only hope Putin’s war has made Xi think twice whilst we bide our time whilst their population decreases.

Eh what’s to investigate? We all know the plane was deliberately bought down to remove specific people from existence. Even blind Freddy knows this.