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xitter for mastodon

This was step 1 for me, and it happened at the first rumbling of Musk taking over, though I don’t use Mastodon.

traded reddit for lemmy/kbin

This was step 2. I was using reddit and lemmy side by side, though mostly ignoring reddit, until the API change came through. I deleted my reddit account then and haven’t looked back.

discord for matrix

I did this a few months ago.

youtube for peertube

I don’t really use either…

I don’t understand how you can watch tv with all of the other things you could be doing tbh.

I’m my mind, sitting in front of a device that only lets me watch things it decides on the timeframes it decides whilst blasting me with ads is one of the last things I want to do with my time.

Almost anything is better

That’s how I do it now. I was looking for something less reactive though

The blocklist moved from a config file to the database, but as far as I can tell, it wasn’t imported. You need to manually set it up again, though you can now do that via the UI

I don’t think they’re lost. They’re just not displaying correctly. They still appear in RSS feeds and notifications, and they federate successfully. They just don’t show up properly in the lemmy interface. But that’s true even on the instance. If I try and view all comments for this discussion on, I can’t see any comments!

We haven’t gone too deep in to troubleshooting on our end yet, because I wasn’t sure if this was a known issue. The fact that they don’t display on the flagship instance either is what made me think it might not be on our end

Screenshot of this thread on, with comments not showing

Something has obviously gone wrong with our upgrade. A lot of posts and comments are simply missing, and your reply here shows up as an notification for me on my home instance, but the link doesn’t work when I click on it. And when I view the group post directly, I can’t see any replies.

So for now I’m back to my account to reply.

No, they didn’t share a post about how a police officer used their products.

They shared about because they were bragging about hiring a police officer that used to use their products to do surveillance before he started working for them.

Then when they were called out for that, they doubled down

FediFox Shield: Safety and Usability focused shell around Mastodon 4.x
cross-posted from: > From the README: > > Mastodon 4.x radically changed the frontend, to much dismay from the actual community. It's now a (slow) webapp, which requires access to lots of API routes that were previously unavailable to unauthenticated parties. It gives the public a much deeper view into your (private) community, both non-techincal (instance home pages now show an 'explore' page nobody asked for, that shows public content from instances you federate with. [you have to fully disable trending]), and on a technical level (toots and search API are publicly available allowing for much easier programmatic scraping).

API driven full text search, dev is asking for discussion prior to releasing
So, this appears to be a third party site that aggregates information from multiple instances via public API and then allows full text searching on them. To be implemented in a way that doesn't allow defederation, yet claims to respect blocking. Technical details are still vague

Pinetta - A federated pinterest alternative
Pinetta is still in development, but it seems like such a perfect fit for a federated social network that I'm amazed it doesn't already exist! The projects mastodon account is
fedilink - New alternative to groups
This might be a bit old now, as it start up a few weeks ago, but it's an alternative to groups, with the key difference that it allows an admin to manage to group membership. Could be worth talking to the dev for an interview

Cops on the fediverse is banning cops from the instance. Interesting potential for an article, not so much from the point of specifically, but more widely in regards to cops on the fediverse, given the recent raspberry pi incident.