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It’s not that you’re an idiot, but it’s wise to avoid using a chromium/blink based browser since they are building a dangerous monopoly. Firefox is the best known alternative, but there are a couple other options.

If I’m making a mistake, I don’t think that would be it. I’ve been observing Bitcoin and its community since 2011.

Key difference is that Bitcoin people want/need their numbers to go up,up,up as a measure of success.

Here, we are hoping to cultivate a healthy community (at either/both the instance and fediverse level). From my experience on various subreddits, focusing on growth is not a good way to do this.

Communities are defined more by who is not allowed in than by who is in the community. Lemmy phase 2 kicked off back in June, and it still needs some time to find its footing at a sustainable rate of growth.

Be careful about “unsubscribing” to various services.

They will unsubscribe you, but then they also have all of your information (name, address, anything else) on record and confirmed. They can profit when the sell that data to another mailer “service”. It’s like a Hydra.

The thing is that on leftist forums, the stakes for a veganism debate are pretty high cause it easily causes a 50-50ish flameout.

Mods would appreciate if people like OP didn’t intentionally troll to stir that sort of thing up (if the discussion takes place organically and respectfully, then whatever).

Mods would also appreciate if people didn’t feed obvious trolls who are just starting things up, like you pointed out, there are specific places to post about that sort of topic.

Leave the personal attack off in the future please

Can you provide a source for this? Makes it easier to moderate if you can back up what you’re saying.

It seems like you had a point to contribute somewhere in there, but maybe try and communicate it in a way that isn’t so pointed at the other user. We’d like to discourage that sort of toxicity here. Maybe if they were being a total shithead or reactionary, feel free to go off, but it seems unwarranted.

As long as it’s in the form of a question

I see, I knew that person had a huge bone to pick with the Lemmy devs over their personal politics (nearly irrelevant on a federated platform imo), so I didn’t know if it was along the same lines.

Now taking submissions for a new banner image!
If anyone is interested in creating a new banner image for the comm, please submit it in the comments of this post!

Hexbear is currently unfederated, but they will be bringing a ton of custom emojis with them. According to today’s post, that feature is now supported in mainline Lemmy as well (needs to be enabled by instance admins).

Good news is that it doesn’t seem like the other users here mind all that much (for now).

Please repost phrased as a question (for consistency purposes)

Another 131 years to close gender gap, World Economic Forum report finds
> Iceland took the top position for the 14th year, having closed 91.2 per cent of its overall gender gap – the only country with a figure above 90 per cent > The US dropped to 43rd on the list, down from 27th last year, from the 146 countries examined in areas such as economy, education, health, and politics

Sam Fender - Aye
``` They don't act up for the camera They just sit back and command them And collect and deflect and abandon They even wrote all the Ten Commandments They watched Jesus get nailed to the cross In real time and in their heads They watched Boudica fall to the Romans They watched Lennon as they shot him dead They watched Jackie pick up Kennedy's head They watched kids go to Epstein's bed They watched Hollywood whitewash remake movies Of napalm falling like water on rocks They watched the atom bomb reduce two cities to dust And paint the whole narrative as totally just They fly drones above our heads That paint the ground black and red Children's eyes clasped in dread They all knew where it led Trade ties steeped in guile They knew the fall was coming all the while And they double down on misery The age old blatant mystery Subterfuge in synergy Poor hate the poor Hate the poor Hate the poor Hate the poor Poor hate the poor Hate the poor Hate the poor Hate the poor It's a blame game It's a fame trap It's the martyrdom of the spoken It's the last breath of the awoken And the woke kids are just dickheads And the dickheads are all ages And everybody's pointing at somebody's sweetheart I'm a scumbag Making my peace with the internal drag Making my thesis on the faceless man He's got the whole world in his fucking hands I don't have time for the very few They never had time for me and you I don't have time for the very few They never had time for me and you I don't have time for the very few They never have time for me and you I don't have time for the very few They never have time for me and you I don't have time for the very few They never have time for me and you I'm not a fucking patriot anymore I'm not a fucking singer anymore I'm not a fucking liberal anymore I'm not a fucking anything or anyone I'm not a fucking anything or I'm not a fucking anything I'm not a fucking I'm not a I'm not Aye ```