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Lawyer "greatly regrets" use of ChatGPT in court, says he was "unaware of the possibility that its content could be false"
The court dismissed the claim and used the word “bogus” to describe the quotes and citations the US attorney provided, which were sourced from ChatGPT. “Six of the submitted cases appear to be bogus judicial decisions with bogus quotes and bogus internal citations.” The judge further claimed that certain cases referenced in the submissions did not exist, and there was an instance where a docket number on a filing was mixed up with another court filing.

"We need them now more than ever": UN calls for protection of climate activists following crackdown in Germany
Protesters had been instrumental at "crucial moments in pushing governments and business leaders to do much more, and global climate goals would already be out of reach without them," UN Secretary-General António Guterres' spokesperson Stephane Dujarric told the German press. "Climate activists - led by the moral voice of young people - have continued to pursue their goals even in the darkest days. They need to be protected."

MonsterInsights Google Analytics WordPress plugin XSS vulnerability affects 3 Million Websites
The XSS vulnerability can be leveraged to obtain unauthorized access to a website and can lead to user data theft or a full site takeover.

Security expert says that "law enforcement isn't yet ready for climate change"
Detlef Schröder, former Executive Director of the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL), claims that law enforcement needs a "holistic review of its approach" to the challenges posed by climate change. "When climate change is mentioned in European law enforcement circles, it is often in reference to the management of environmental protests or even workplace policies, but rarely law enforcement’s direct role in climate change mitigation and the reduction of climate crime."

Too smart for their own good: Russia is waging a war against its own scientists
An increasing number of high-calibre researchers are being accused of treason in today’s Russia, mostly without official charges, landing behind bars for decades. And the main beneficiary of their imprisonment is the Federal Security Service (FSB), which deprives them not only of their freedom and ability to work, but sometimes of their lives.

Chinese internet trolls are adopting American racism to taunt Black users
While the Chinese government and social media companies have denounced racism, it remains pervasive online. News about Black people in China regularly triggers xenophobic comments directed at what some fear to be an influx of Black immigrants. Chinese women who date Black people or have mixed-race children have also drawn sexist attacks online. It’s unclear what has driven the recent spike in racist speech.

"Colonial racial capitalism": China's mass surveillance in Xinjiang made the country a leading exporter of digital forensics, superseded only by Israel and the US
The hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Xinjiang surveillance created a system of digital enclosure that is part of the structure of dispossession that confronts Uyghurs, but the regime in Beijing wants the data of the colonized, too, a researcher says. This collection of data has significant consequences for the expansion of dataveillance instruments globally.

Christian education textbooks used in thousands of schools worldwide deny human-caused climate change, present evolution as a conspiracy theory
Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) is one of the world’s biggest providers of creationist science materials, consisting of reading programmes and a core curriculum. Researchers at the University College London found that its latest edition, which has been released to year groups from Key stages 1 to 3 gradually over the last few years, now claims to show ‘evidence’ that human-caused climate change is not real.

Vulnerability in Telegram on mac OS can grant access to your camera and microphone
The weakness was allegedly discovered in February by a Google engineer, but "despite attempts to alert Telegram's security team, the issue remains unresolved", Matt Johanson, a security expert, writes on Twitter. Here is the thread: https://nitter.net/i/status/1658186316004089867

How to save a trained model in Python
An article about different methods of saving, storing, and packaging a trained machine-learning model, along with the pros and cons of each method.

Digital war: Social media data reveal how hate speech is used to dehumanise, call for violence against, and celebrate the death of Ukrainians
Data collected from Twitter and Telegram shows that there is increased use of slurs against Ukrainians, calling for violence and celebrating the death of Ukrainians, despite platform policies that are meant to stop, or at least mitigate this activity, the Centre for Information Resilience says. The dataset collected and analysed in the research resulted in 1585 accounts with more than 2500 interactions from Twitter, and 15655 results from more than 480 channels on Telegram. Twitter accounts that were found to be using hate speech include accounts that are verified with a blue tick were also targeting the LGBTQI+ community and sharing memes and messages related to conspiracy theories. The accounts analysed on Telegram include channels that took videos of Ukrainian funerals, or from Ukrainians who had visited graves, and reposted them with degrading and dehumanising comments. Other channels specifically focus on looking for dead or captured Ukrainians and celebrating the circumstances around that imagery. The content circulated in these channels was reposted on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. The phrasing and language seen in the content uncovered in this research can be compared to similarities in language used in other scenarios where hate speech has incited and/or fuelled violence, the report says. Historically, hate speech has been used to justify, incite and fuel violence against groups, minorities and ethnicities such as in the Holocaust, by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, in Rwanda against the Tutsi people and in Myanmar against the Rohingya.

Yeah, and he must maintain good relationships with politicians. Musk wants to transform Twitter into a AI company enabling him to offer more ‘services’ before elections as we have seen in Turkey.

Musk has learned that free speech absolutism doesn’t help him to grow richer.

I would love to see tech companies respecting copyrights when they use other people’s content to train their LLMs on.

And, btw, what does The Statesman say about the use of Cloudflare? Aren’t we screwed again?

Clearview fined again in France for failing to comply with privacy orders
The overdue penalty payment of €5.2 million has been issued by the French regulator, the CNIL — on top of a €20 million sanction it slapped the company with last year for breaching regional privacy rules. Clearview refuses payment as it "is not subject to the GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation]", the company argues. However, the GDPR applies to the personal data of EU citizens, so Clearview would need to have never scraped locals’ selfies off the Internet for the bloc’s data protection law not to apply, and it does not say it has never processed Europeans’ data.

Once Again, ‘Free Speech Absolutist’ Elon Musk Caves To Authoritarian Censorial Bullies
So far, Musk has shown a willingness to bow down to authoritarian censors. The latest is yet another example of that. Just as the Turkish election was about to take place, the government demanded that Twitter censor content critical of authoritarian strongman, gollum-lookalike, and world’s most thin skinned leader, Recep Erdogan. And Elon caved.

"Significant gap between the reality in the Middle East and what the West understands about it": Facebook puts human rights defenders at risk
In 2017, Facebook, Twitter, and Google found that Russian hackers had bought ads and used fake news on their platforms to influence the American presidential elections of 2016. In order to prevent such manipulation in the future, they overhauled their policies. But now authoritarian regimes use exactly these rules as a weapon to crack down on people’s freedom, as the case of Egypt shows. "The policies for such companies cannot be developed based on the desires and needs of only the American public", a human rights activist says.

Maybe an action by Elon I-am-a-free-speech-absolutist-as-long-as-you-do-not-say-something-which-is-against-my-interests Musk?

China has one surveillance camera for every 2 citizens

People are now being watched at work, on the streets, on public transportation, when they leave their homes and when they return.

These camera checks if people are wearing face mask, crossing the road before the green lights for pedestrians are turned on. If caught breaking rules, people lose their social credit points, are charged higher mortgage, extra taxes and slower internet speed. Not only that, public transport for them gets expensive as well, and the list goes on.

Let’s hope that democratic governance helps to strenghten this development with Brazil rejoining the Escazú Agreement.

President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva took an important step to strengthen protection for environmental defenders across Brazil by sending the Escazú Agreement to Congress for approval on May 11. This historic treaty – the first of its kind in Latin America and the Caribbean – would help shore up Brazil’s role on protecting the environment and its defenders.

Models must "adhere to a particular worldview": Decoding China’s Generative AI Regulations
In April, China’s top internet regulator proposed new rules for generative AI. The draft contains detailed provisions on user identity registration, the creation of a database of undesirable inputs, and even the generation of “special objects and scenes” that may harm national security.

Ich hab’ was bei den Netzpiloten gefunden, bei fczb, beim SWR, bei Thomas Felzmann (ein Blogger), bei Kuketz. Da gibt es noch mehr, scheint es. Das hätte ich gar nicht gedacht :-)

Bei sowas kann man immer auch Andi fragen, der weiss wirklich viel. 🙃

Very active hurricane season expected for 2023 in the US
After two years of relatively mild hurricane seasons, 2023 will see above-average hurricane activity, a University of Arizona-led hurricane forecasting team predicts. The forecasters expect the number of major hurricanes this year to be similar to 2017, which saw the extremely intense hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

China has one surveillance camera for every 2 citizens
When China abruptly relaxed its stringent zero-Covid policy in December last year, people who were stuck and returned to Beijing found cameras fixed right outside their apartment doors. They are now being watched at work, on the streets, on public transportation, when they leave their homes and when they return. The Chinese government says that many of these cameras are being installed as part of their “digital health code”.

For me “the year of Linux” was already in 2022 when I moved there both on desktop and mobile, and whenever I read something like the linked article I’m extremely happy about it 😋

There’s also a brief article with additional information in the MIT Technology Review:

Hinton has long called out ethical questions around AI, especially its co-optation for military purposes. He has said that one reason he chose to spend much of his career in Canada is that it is easier to get research funding that does not have ties to the US Department of Defense.

"Fifty metres from here [where the missile struck] there is a school, and two kindergartens. Really ‘strategic objectives’,” said one of Babii’s workmates at a local museum, who had come to give her moral support, mixing grief for the dead with anger at the attack.

Yes, that’s bad. It’s a first version aiming at a very special target groups, but I do hope they’ll support alternatives in the future.

this isn’t possible in the near future…

True. Unlike a particular bird investors who wants the world to believe, the scientists don’t say we’ll have AVs anytime soon :-)

For those interested: Report on Chinese police’s expanding globally (Sep 2022) contains:

Between April 2021 and July 2022, Chinese police “persuaded” 230,000 claimed fugitives to return to China “voluntarily” (while admitting not all the targets have committed any crimes)

Established Nine forbidden countries, where Chinese nationals are no longer allowed to live unless they have “good reason”

New tools for “persuasion” operations laid down on paper, including denying the target’s children in China the right to education, and other limitations on family members, punishing those without suspicion of any wrongdoing by “guilt by association” (similar to the North Korean practice)

It also includes government documents stating relatives in China that do not help police “persuade” targets should be investigated and punished by either police or the internal Party police the CCDI

The establishment of at least 54 police-run “overseas police service centers” across five continents, some of which are implicated in collaborating with Chinese police in carrying out policing operations on foreign soil

A new law adopted 2 September, going into effect 1 December, establishes full extraterritoriality over Chinese and foreigners globally for certain crimes (fraud, telecom fraud, online scams, etc.)