I like to build pranks with some psychological horror, not just a jump scare. Help me brainstorm pls.

I’m thinking random noises around the house with hidden speakers.

Edit: Added context, she’s afraid of lizards, roaches etc.


Unless this is a very explicit part of your relationship, just don’t.

Yeah we do it once in a while, she got me good recently and so I wanna get one back.

There’s always the classic “pour a glass of ice water on them over the shower curtain.”


Unscrew the shower handle and put red food coloring inside just before she showers. Preferably use the type that’s solid and needs a few minutes to dissolve in water.

You could also mention beforehand that you think the water smells funny.

(Just kidding, don’t try this unless you want to be evil)

This is the correct answer.

A prank should be funny and enjoyed by the person getting pranked.

OP. Using things she’s deeply afraid of to “prank” her is not going to be enjoyable by anyone except you. You want “psychological horror”? Have someone call her and your family pretending to be the police department and say that you passed in a vehicle accident. Point a gun (fake or not) at her and pull the trigger. Find some roadkill and put it in her mailbox, then car, then bed. Have some friends stalk her at her work or school and then follow her home. Lay on the floor with an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a note that says “I’m sorry”.

See how funny those pranks are!

The other idea I have is to gift her this stuffed toy I saw which was available in different sizes. Then replace it with a bigger one every few days. This sounds like smth she’d quickly catch onto tho.

Start with the largest. Beat it up a little each day. Every few days replace with the smaller ones in a worse and worse state of decomposure.

Lots of money to just trash things, but you know.

At some point it will be too obvious. Instead of making it too big, have it scale back down, then back up, etc.


The best one I ever pulled off was doing nothing.

One year my wife got me with a random prank a few days before Halloween. I told her that it’s OK Halloween is coming, and I’ll get my revenge.

It turned out that she spent the few days in between checking everything and everywhere in the house. Every time she opened a door she did it carefully, in case anything jumped out or fell on her, she wouldn’t let me make food or drinks in case I did something to them.

By Halloween, she was terrified, but didn’t know what to be scared of. Her car was parked in the garage, and it took her about ten minutes to go into the garage, check around the car, get in, then open the garage door.

The day after Halloween, she asked me what the prank was because she must have missed it.

I’d completely forgotten about getting revenge five minutes after I’d said it to her…

Thats very much my kinda thing lol

I love the pranks from Just for Laughs because the prankee always ends up laughing after finding out it’s a prank. Here’s a compilation of some Halloween ones they’ve done.

Of course, some of these are not practical for you but hopefully they’ll give you an idea of a fun prank.

Buy a skeleton and buckle it into the back passenger seat.

You can also sit them on the toilet.


My wife does this. We have several that we have acquired over the years. She has them all named and puts them out like they are members of the family. We’ll have one playing the piano, one doing yardwork outside, one sitting at the kitchen table, etc.


I didn’t think a relationship could survive a Halloween prank, but this is great.


Call your house and do a scary voice or just leave it silent.

Make her some food that normally wouldn’t have bones but then add a large bone. When she finds it tell her that’s a bad omen.

Speaker outside or in the roof playing scary noises.

I like the bone in the food idea lol.


Play with one of those spirit boards then fake a haunting like with the help of a speaker footsteps at night, humming/laughter when shes alone, flickering lights, tv turning on randomly, have her find a creepy kid’s drawing, if you have dogs maybe briefly use a dog whistle from a safe distance maybe even from outside, yknow all that paranormal activity stuff. Have fun but dont go to far lmao

She isn’t a believer in the supernatural and will see right through the spirit board, but doing the same things without a board sounds promising. No dog unfortunately.


deleted by creator

Create a creepy deja vu scenario spanning a few days, then act like you have no recollection of the first occurrence

I like this. I did this with my brother a few years ago infact (didnt work out back then).

Slightly adjust the brightness of your lightbulbs every day and act like you have no idea what she’s talking about. Convince her that it’s all in her head.

What types of pranks have you played on eachother? I think that would be helpful for gauging her sense of humor!

Harmless stuff that won’t bring bad blood would be things like putting plain yogurt into a sour cream container and have her see you eat from it straight.

Oh if she has light hair definitely don’t do any of thr shower food dye stuff cuz it might temporarily change the color and she will have to tell every coworker and person that asks what you did.

Leave the oven on when you leave the house. Maybe make a hole in the gas pipes too, that one’s a real banger

::: spoiler (Don’t actually do this in case you needed to be told. I am not responsible for whatever you do.) :::

Or idk just buy some gummy toy lizards and hide them in unexpected places

How do I make holes in the gas pipe??

Hammer and scalpel I guess idk

Option 3: Take random photos of her when we’re out and send em to her from a random number acting like a stalker? Seems too far tbh


don’t do this unless you’re intending to end your relationship lmao, this would actually be panic inducing.

Yeah no I knew it was a terrible idea the moment I thought of it

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