There’s never really any single event that builds trust. Trust is just built over time. When it’s broken, it’s hard if not impossible to build back.

There could be multiple factors and interactions that build trust, right? As others mentioned in the comment section, some of those include supporting you at your worst and accepting “no” for an answer.

Yeah those are the type of things that build that trust. It’s just most of us don’t have a single moment I guess.

I build trust also by observing how someone treatsothers, especially how they behave and treat someone when they have a conflict. And is there genuine remorse for mistakes that caused any harm. (Obviously not the kind of mistakes that would ruin trust but like, normal accidental hurting others type mistakes we all make unintentionally now and then)

When someone sees you at your worst and your most vulnerable, and they can not only handle it but (this part is very important) they don’t then use it as ammo against you down the line, you know they’re a keeper.

He accepted “no” for an answer the first time without any argument or attempt to coerce, listened when I explained why the answer was “no”, and offered comfort and sympathy in response to the reasoning with no expectation of the answer changing.

There hasn’t been any single major event - just years upon years of proving that they were trustworthy.

I trusted him implicitly, then when I really needed him, he left because he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of the relationship any more.

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