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Maybe it’s what you are subscribed to? If anything I see an increase in content

Yes I agree I have seen more content and more interaction.

Which active communities are you subscribed to? I could definitely use some suggestions.

Both piracy communities

Gaming, technology, jokes and humor @beehaw

A bunch from, the science based instance

I’ve noticed content slowing down as well. I like to think of it as we’re reaching a steady state.

Honestly it takes a lot of time to build a community, especially a niche community. Lemmy is a marathon, not a Sprint, we need to get the people here to stay here. Not just visit one time.

Right now it’s good for the hardcore people. But we need to round the corners, create quality of life features, for most people to be able to hang around. We’re getting better

we need to get the people here to stay here. Not just visit one time

Too much extremist propaganda for that to happen.

Yeah there’s some very vocal communities here. That coming to any conversation they disagree with very strongly.

But this is going back to the tools we need. People with a small community should be able to moderate it more elegantly, maybe posting karma inside the community, or no posts until you’ve commented enough. Something that shows people are actually engaged in that community and not just drive by controversies

I agree mod tools would help, but as long as those communities are around they’ll brigade and advocate violence. I’ve seen “you’ll get the wall during our revolution” twice, and I avoid them like the plague they are.

If main instances stay federated with them, Lemmy will die.

As soon as someone makes a Lemmy client with really solid client side filtering, this platform will become almost usable.


plenty of content on my screen, I do admit Im posting less everywhere right now while hunting for a job.

Pfft sounds like you need to get your priorities straight. The jobs will still be there tomorrow, get posting.

Your job is Lemmy, soldier! Being able to afford to live comes second…


I personally have slowed down posting and commenting because life is getting in the way, but lemmy is my most active social media platform.

Same here. I try to always leave a comment when I can. Especially when something has a decent score but no comments.

He has such a way with words…

Even at its peak lemmy was still 200,000 vs reddits 100m+ active users. We are working out the kinks and improving everything month by month and when the next wave of user migration comes there will be a higher peak with even more users remaining!

I remember when the most upvoted post on Reddit had just 10.000 plus a handful upvotes.

It was like (IMO) the golden age.

We’re not far from that.

Yeah I joined reddit around 12 years ago and Lemmy feels more like how it was back then. I do miss the more niche subreddits but we’ll get there eventually


Definitely curious to see if we experience waves similar to how mastodon does every time elon says something stupid. I’m not sure we will, though. With the entire reddit gold thing I was expecting people to throw their arms up about the reversal of stuff people paid money for but it seems like they just accepted it and moved on. Perhaps the people that remain will stay there no matter what. Regardless I think how things are going here are still promising.

It seems fine overall. Some communities do need to be revived with new posts. Do you browse on All>New or something else?


The activity spike is subsiding, but I’m still finding more than enough to engage with. When I don’t, I switch over to posting the content I want to see more of.

The fediverse doesn’t have advertising, it’s 100% word of mouth, and that isn’t at critical mass yet. People who stuck with reddit aren’t hearing about it anymore, as those of us who are getting behind the fediverse are no longer there to tell them about it.

But mainstream social media will fuck up again. And every time more and more people will end up on the fediverse. Each time, the fediverse gets more and more users, meaning it becomes more and more appealing for the next wave to stick around.

It’s slow, but unless commercial social media makes some significant changes in how it treats its users, the change will only pick up speed. But it will take years, yet.

I’m on here way too much and haven’t noticed any decline other than right after the huge influx from Reddit.

Generally if you have to ask something as hyperbolic as is it dying then it isn’t. Sub to more comms. Scroll through All.

I had that problem when I kept it at “Top 6 hours”. I realize some of the subs were not populating with anything. I’ve since changed it to Hot, and it looks like it’s good.

“Top 6 hours”??? Jumps back to main page … OOOHHH There’s new sorting options! Thanks!

New Comments is a good one, too.


It’s not dying, it just suffers from the mentality of “we’re preemptively using our ‘last resort’ of defederating from a community because we think they might possibly cause some kind of problem, maybe, but we don’t want to even give them that chance.” Maybe make an account on a less confused instance. You might just be getting nannied harder than you want.

OP’s home instance is the second-worst in terms of questionable defederations (the worst being beehaw). I used to have an account on but stopped using it once they blocked anything even remotely Piracy-related for that exact reasoning you’re talking about. Just switched to using this instance and Kbin and problem solved. Worst part was re-subbing to all the communities I’d been following. Pretty painless all things considered.

Defederation has its place but some instances really overuse it.

I find it to be the exact opposite

Yes, especially seems to be more active to me.

There’s a lot getting posted, but niche communities are indeed getting less popular. The big blocker for Lemmy getting popular is the ability to group communities together (the most popular proposal is communities being able to follow eachother which would be amazing).

Until then, it’ll always feel kind of difficult to navigate when there are 5 communities with the same name, and it’s not clear which one is the popular/best one. Most of my posts are crossposts, there’s no way to get around that if you want to get a bigger audience. I think the reason you’re not seeing a lot of content is because it’s not clear where the content is, and a lot of good stuff has less than 5 upvotes because nobody knows that community yet.

But no, I don’t think it’s dying. There’s a pretty healthy and nice community here, but we are waiting on an important feature to make life here so much easier and attract more people.

Agreed on community follows, as - IMO - it would do so much to fix the scattering of discussions. Instead of having 5 posts of the same link, each with only one or two comments, you would have only one post with all the comments.

This could solve not only the lack of activity problem, but also the duplication of posts on the frontpage.

It’s unfortunate that the child porn has started to creep in.

Well my instance was defederated from last week - now restored - and that certainly was a lot less content. Otoh, I found some new communities in the meantime that previously got swamped out by content.

Maybe people should not use the defederation option so quickly. Try to find an amicable solution first.

Depends on what the defederation was for.

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