"Things that we said would come to pass are coming to pass."

“Things that we said would come to pass are coming to pass.”

And the coldest of the rest of our lives


oh thank god *starts f-450

I’m sticking with my 6000SUX

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Mr. Burns was going to do that when people started using solar powered electricity.

Strangely, North America often seems to dodge the worst of the heat on these maps. I feel this is actually somewhat unfortunate on a global scale, sound we have a lot of power and tend to be a substantial obstacle to energy policy change.

I’ve lived in Texas for twenty years, and this summer has been the most unbearable.

Texas and Mexico did experience a very hot summer but you can see from the rest of the map that other parts of the continent did not.

Can only think of one comparable summer about a decade ago.

Do you think we’ll see a lot of people moving north due to this?


deleted by creator


I’m so sure that unfortunately some people would still point to record low weather when winter comes and say that climate change is a hoax.

Yeah I live in Ontario near the great lakes and our last 2 summers have actually been relatively cool and we’ve had lots of rain too. I bet there are a lot of boomers that live around the great lakes that think climate change is complete horse shit, just because we’ve barely experienced anything negative yet.

But we also had all the smoke from the wildfires this year, we had a crazy snow storm the last 2 winters and last spring we had a wind storm that did tons of damage and knocked out power for days. So there are some negative things, just depends on if people believe it or not.

Florida could use a few extreme heatwaves.

Weird that you’re all calling it “Earth’s summer” when it’s only been summer in the Northern hemisphere… Not arguing the point, just saying it sure hasn’t been summer down here in Australia

88% of all humans live in the northern hemisphere.

And yet human pollution affects everyone

EffortPostMcGee [any]

Summer “this year” started for the southern Hemisphere last December 21st. So minus those 9 days from the previous year, it doesn’t seem odd to say “Earth’s summer”, no?

just saying it sure hasn’t been summer down here in Australia

Your turn’s coming up. homer-bye

Snow seasons here in VIC were super short this year.

Almost makes me wonder if I wasted my mountaineering training at this point… Glaciers probably won’t be around for long…

Did the Southern hemisphere have a summer this year?

Treevan 🇦🇺

2 months of a La Nina Summer. Definitely not the hottest.

Edit: Downvoted for a factual statement of the weather in January/February of 2023 in Australia. Welcome to the new Lemmy.

TheCaconym [any]

This arctic melting season has been weird as hell, too

Below all expectations basically all summer and then mayhem those past two weeks - went from a “not that bad” year to “third lowest on record” (and possibly second, because it’s September 18th and it’s still melting yet)

With El Niño picking up, 2024 will most likely be hell

I think '24 is really going to break a lot of people’s brains. Wouldn’t surprise me to to see like 5 hurricane Katrina sized storms make landfall one after another, basically totally collapsing government in the affected areas.

kristina [she/her]

Making a prediction that soon we’ll see a space photo of Florida completely under water as floods compound

Sad part is it was hot AF this summer and my area isnt even in the red shaded areas.

Wait until next year when it becomes even hotter because republicans refuse to admit man made climate change exists and therefore wont allow anything to be done about it.

I’m sure continuing to subsidize fossil fuel industry is going to make things even better going forward.

Key words “on record”

My guy I just peeped ur profile. All u do is tell people they’re unintelligent or how they’re spreading propaganda.

Not once have you made an actual intelligent point or thoughtful comment that adds to a discussion. Not once have you showed how what you’re responding to is propaganda. Not once have you actually attempted to reason with the person you are responding to.

If you smell shit everywhere you go, check ur fuckin shoes.


Care to elaborate?

The elaboration is that they’re looking for any excuse to keep their head in the sand.

Don’t look up

He’s one of those “natural warming periods” people

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