“It is absolutely possible.”

Is this a realistic demand? What say you, fellow Beehawers?

Protesters are calling on Biden to stop federal approvals of new fossil fuel projects, phase out oil and gas drilling on public lands, and declare climate change a nationa emergency. They want the U.S. to halt oil and gas exports, and transition to a reliance on renewable energy.

Source: Thousands march in New York to demand that Biden ‘end fossil fuels’ by Rachel Waldholz

That’s one of the few, if not the most realistic way to avoid the worse. So it’s not only a reasonable demand, it’s the best way to solve this.

It’s going to be rough, but not nearly as rough as surviving in a +3°C scenario.


Devils Advocate: There are always concessions in demands. If you make realistic demands you won’t achieve your goals. The movement should ask for everything. Wins from offshoot initiatives will be made in small steps over time as you progress to the ultimate goal. Realism floats somewhere in the between. Also what is unrealistic today with no movement becomes gradually more realistic as you reach closer to your goals. Movements like this should look long term too.


Easy goals for a smooth transition could be set 20 years ago.

Now, we’re left with rough and less-than ideal options for transition.

Sadly we can’t negociate with physics. Laws governing the greenhouse effect and feedback loops don’t care if some humans think stopping their emission is asking for too much.

Also, Overton window needs to be moved.

This makes me imagine a guy with lung cancer who keeps smoking six packs a day.

I’ve come to think of it as someone driving straight towards a cliff and not letting up on the accelerator.

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Princess Daazhraii Johnson, a member of the Neets’aii Gwich’in, hasn’t been able to fish at her tribe’s traditional camp on the Yukon River in Alaska for years.

The aim is to put pressure on President Joe Biden and other world leaders gathering in the city this week for the United Nations General Assembly.

The action was endorsed by hundreds of scientists and more than 700 different organizations and brands, including Amnesty International, Ben & Jerry’s, the NAACP, Patagonia, Hip Hop Caucus, Sierra Club, Greenpeace USA, and other green groups.

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA), US Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and other Democratic lawmakers similarly backed the march and called on Biden to quit approving new fossil fuel projects and declare a climate emergency.

In Manhattan’s financial district, hundreds more people gathered on Monday morning for mass civil disobedience meant to rattle Biden and Wall Street into action.

President Biden needs to understand that people in this country of all political stripes are coming together to say, number one, we need a ban on all fossil fuel on federal land.

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