All of the above.

In some areas, I’m very smart. Others I am a massive idiot. I think I probably average out to a solid average intelligence.

I think this is the correct answer. I am very smart in a few things. Average at a bunch of things and dumb regarding tons of things.

I‘m a certified smart dumbass. I have areas where I‘m way above average and still am baffled at how unable I am at communicating at times. It would be a lot less frustrating if I was less smart.


I’m a programmer. Sometimes I solve a really hard programming problem in a clever way with very few lines of code, and I feel like I’m the smartest person in the world. Other times I can’t solve a really simple problem and I realize that I’m actually a moron that gets lucky sometimes.


That’s programming for you, hah.

Sidenote: For what it’s worth, I think you’re pretty smart to solve things like that. I’m probably not as experienced as you, but it’s kind of telling that I’ve never had that feeling of an elegant solution.

Smart enough to get into a phd program but dumb enough to think doing a phd was a good idea.

I was thinking of working on a PhD, but enough people with a PhD have told me not to that I’ve decided maybe I should listen to the smart people and not do it. Best wishes to you, you tortured soul!

I agree with those people, don’t do it. Not unless you have a very specific reason for doing so like wanting to be an academic (you’d have about as much success with this as trying to be a professional athlete) or a phd level industry position.

People always tell me I’m smart. And I definitely have some things I’m good at. But I’m pretty dumb about a lot of stuff, but I think that’s pretty normal.

Honestly, I try not to think about people in terms of smart/stupid. Everyone has a complicated set of strengths and weaknesses that are slowly changing all the time. Just labeling someone as smart or stupid is overly simplistic.

That sounds pretty smart.

I share this perspective. I’m often told that I’m smart, but I’m really just normal I guess.

The more people I meet, the more I realize there’s a bunch of knowledge out there I have zero clue about and I realize it’s not about being smart or dumb; we just all have different strengths.

I agree with this completely.

I’m smart. I work a smart person job with a lot of really smart people, which makes me feel not smart at times because a lot of my coworkers are smarter than me. I’m also insane though.

Imposter syndrome was a real problem for me.

One of the things that really helped with that for me was when a colleague I really respected confided in me about their imposter syndrome.

I watched too many people bitch and moan about vaccines and masks during a pandemic… I dont think I’m smart, the bar is just too low.

Same boat. I think I’m average, but the bar seems so low that I’d up that to above average.

Was gifted kid, always the smartest, highest test scores. Then I got older. I know I’m above average intelligence in lot of things. But smart enough to know how stupid I can be, that I have lots of faults, limitations. There are many kinds of intelligence, and always more to learn

Same boat. Got used to (and still ocasionally) being praised for practical applications. Limitations and faults aplenty.


According to the (probably fallacious) contrapositive of the Dunning–Kruger effect, this means you’re both pretty smart. Congrats (?)!


Username checks out.

(For those angry at the old place–ism, here, I’ll translate: I can’t help pointing out that your username matches what you said so well.)

I’m smart enough to know that there’s a lot I don’t know, and I took enough psychology classes to know that IQ tests are basically made-up nonsense. Comparing your intelligence to others is a losing battle and a waste of time.

Could not agree more. I tested high as a kid but never took it to heart. A quick trip to the library (long time ago) showed how deeply flawed they are.

I am objectively quicker at some things than many people but I’m often humbled as soon as I step outside the areas I have specific knowledge in.


People say I’m really smart but I think I’m just average tbh. I think I just know how to learn things and I try to keep an open mind to everything.

I had to sit down and accept I am more intelligent than the majority of people by virtue of the fact that I read and paid attention in school, and I had to after watching the political situation in the U.S. deteriorate.

It deteriorated because people refused to learn to read and write correctly, leaving them unable to examine primary sources or fully comprehend what they read in the news, online, everywhere.

It deteriorated because people refused to learn math and science, meaning they can no longer verify factual claims charlatans make to them, or figure out when their bosses are ripping them off, or budget, or make their own stuff.

It deteriorated because people outright rejected the notion of critical thinking and logical debate on principle, preferring instead to force people to submit to their paper-thin view of the world and to accept certain assumptions that lead people to accept authoritarianism in turn.

And it’s sad to see. It’s sad to watch people so hopelessly fucking stupid and dependent on the system that they’ll fight to protect it, and it’s even sadder watching them flip the fuck out when you tell them their economic woes are partially their own fault because they refuse to be educated or to use their education.

It’s a sad thing to have to accept but it’s the truth.

Yeah, very smart. External validation for years since being tested at like 6 and being told my options were staying in public school and skipping to 5th grade or going to private school where my needs could be met within an age appropriate setting.

Then there were all the tests since where I would score in the 98th percentile or higher.

The most impactful was my professional experience where my coworkers were a decade older than me and I found myself being brought in as an expert on stuff for Fortune 500 CEOs, US cabinet nominees, etc.

And yet there are times I’m straight up an idiot. Like not thinking that I can move the silverware off the napkin and lift it up to my face instead of bringing my face to the napkin. Sometimes my SO will do something simple like adding sugar to cereal I find too bland so I don’t eat it, and my brain breaks with the realization that was always an option.

Brains come in a variety, and while I was lucky to get one that aligned in where it excelled with what society measures and values, I’ve generally found that many people are gifted in some aspect of their brains - it’s just unevenly valued by the world around them.


I don’t have grounds to reach any reasonable conclusion about my own capabilities, since I have access to different info about myself vs. about other people.

Sounds like something a smart person would say.

That’s what they want you to think.

If they come out and say “I am very smart” everyone will make fun of them.

Eh. That probably means you’re right.


That’s because I’m asking myself “what would Socrates answer?”, and answering like I think that he would. And Socrates was smart.

I think Socrates would say “Why are you asking the question in the first place?”


Or maybe “dunno lol”.

I would say overall I’m below average. Fairly dumb. Bottom 30% of society.

I don’t mind it too much. I know a lot about cinema and film history so I’m happy with that.

Same here lol. Don’t know that much about movies either though. I’m fairly slow too especially socially but somehow I tricked a woman into loving me… so that’s nice.


I don’t know anything about you other than this but from this your life sounds so sweet and minimalistic. I want to be happy like I perceive you to be.

I’m a complete idiot. So probs 30% to 40% smarter than the average American Republican.

I am very smart in a single field of study and very dumb in normal life. Yay neurodivergence…

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