Earlier this week, South African leader Cyril Ramaphosa confirmed that Moscow and Kiev had agreed to receive a mission of African leaders with their peace initiative on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov later confirmed that the African mission was planning to visit Russia in mid-June or early July.

This could be positive, but it shouldn’t be premature. As-is, Russia is occupying part of Ukraine. A “peace” that leaves Russia with a sizeable chunk of Ukraine tells Russia that invasions will be rewarded. A peace created by rewarding bad behavior is not a peace that will last.

Can’t help but think the recipients of $100bn will be rewarded either way and will be looking for another such opportunity as soon as this one’s over.

To be clear, I’m talking about the ultimate recipients of the $100bn.


The problem with Russia is that there is a pattern of behavior that started with the Russo-Georgian War and continuing with the Crimean and 2022 invasions. They invade a country drifting from Russia’s sphere of influence, claiming to be protecting ethnic Russians. In Georgia, Russia has maintained an occupation to this day. Same with Crimea, when there was little international response. That’s why there has been such a forceful response in the rest of Ukraine. The West realized standing on the sidelines was just going to get more bad behavior. They needed to engage somehow to stop Russia from continuing to menace its neighbors.

Meanwhile, the US occupies half the world and in the half it doesn’t control, starts colour revolutions, invokes false flags, coups, carpet bombs, displaces, destroys, and emiserates. All so that arms dealers, fossil corporations, privatisers, and construction firms can funnel into their offshore bank accounts the $trillions stolen through the above acts. There’s no comparison.

I agree on one point. I wish Russia would stop invading it’s neighbours. It is a problem.

Unfortunately it’s not going to happen while the greatest menace in human history rattles sabres on its borders or funds terror squads to cause strife and carnage for said ethnic Russians.

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