The new platform aims to be a decentralized alternative to Twitter. The vibe there is mostly like that of a Portland coffee shop.

I found a nice Mastodon instance that fits my values very well and don’t see leaving it. I’ve learned a lot about the fediverse and activitypub since and I really appreciate the interoperability that different services can have! I don’t see myself even looking into bluesky, but I AM glad someone is at least trying out a different approach to federation. If their migration tools end up being much nicer, then maybe other platforms can improve as well.


Hey, I wish the best for Bluesky to succeed in achieving the aims it set out in it’s creation. In its current state it seems to be a Twitter-clone in beta that doesn’t deliver yet, even partially on several of those goals. Still, so long as they don’t lose sight of it, I’m hopeful for Bluesky’s federation with Mastodon and other Fediverse platforms.

Nonplussed about the protocol used, privacy and potential for enshittification are bigger deals.

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