The Pentagon has released footage that appears to show a Russian aircraft intercepting a US Air Force drone in international airspace over the Black Sea. Sub...

Showing that Russia is again full of it in their public announcements and also the extremely poor quality of their pilots.

That’s actually pretty good piloting. US lie machine already inflated it to like 19 attempts lol.

Oh well i guess shooting the hobby balloon in the action worth 2 million $ would be considered better. That drone cost 32 million btw.

And speaking of balloons, US reaction to that incident seems to be strangely mild considering when they started shooting random thing and raised unholy fuss for a week because a balloon?

Also what did that drone, with payload of 1,5 ton do so far from its country? Migrating like a bird since the spring is coming?

If Russia’s going to engage in chest puffing, surely they can do so in a way that doesn’t involve dumping a bunch of kerosene into the Black Sea?

Chest puffing or defending their national territory? Why is the US military even active thousands of kilometers from their own territory? On the other hand the United States goes completely hysterical over some weather balloons, imagine that Russia also sent drones like this.

It’s international waters, not Russian national territory. The US can be there if it wants. But if a balloon flies over US air space, the US does have the right to shoot it down, especially if it is deemed a threat.

Just like a Russian jet can be in that same space if it wants.

Er… pretty sure there’s a difference between being in the same space and literally being in same space. Or are we good with the US targeting Russian aircraft now?

I dunno, is US good starting WW3 because it needs to keep provoking Russia?

something something people living in glass houses

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