This was not the case when I was using Eternity

When I look at the JSON response for your profile page from in a desktop browser, I see:

  • post_count: 32
  • post_score: 2674
  • comment_count: 1072
  • comment_score: 4459

But the standard Lemmy UI doesn’t display those score totals. When I view your profile from Connect, I do see 7133 points. That’s not 8316 like you see because federation is hard.


I think Lemmy devs should add points. Some people like to collect internet points :D


Which leads to reposting, karma whoring, karma requirements and “ThAnK yOu FoR aLl ThE uPvOtEs” comments.

Personally I think the aim should be to have fun (inclusive) or enhance your or someone else’s knowledge and not to brag about how much internet points you have :')

On the other hand, I sometimes like to get lost in account statistics so I’m also not completely against them as long as one sees them as values only and not as some sort of (dick) comparison.

How about only downvotes?

That leads to downvote trolls.


A.k.a. Kbin’s karma system when rexit/fleddit happened


Which is exactly what killed Reddit. The quality of posts was suffering for years before Spez decided to piss off parts of the community.

Some people like to collect internet points :D

And the rest of us suffer as a result.


deleted by creator

To my knowledge, Lemmy does not have a built in feature to keep track of total points (i.e. karma), but some third party apps like Connect will aggregate a user’s comment/post scores into a pseudo-karma score.

This is incorrect, Lemmy does have it. Though the devs are moving away from this feature supposedly and it will stop being reported. The official UI doesn’t show it. They will show a count of comments/posts instead.

Caring about internet points is some reddit shit.

All I care about is pig, poop, and balls

You did until recently. The devs removed it though to discourage point farming accounts. Your new app might just be calculating the points manually by tallying all of your posts

They’ve removed it from the UI, it’s still in the API can can be viewed

Oh for real? I thought they removed it from their API too

They intend to.

Yup, you have 1,395 score according to

Some apps aggregate that info but Lemmy isn’t about karma or upvotes overall and it’s better for it. I just checked mine and I have 35k points, holy hell. I’m happy that’s not really displayed publicly because it doesn’t mean anything

god i hope not. karma is the worst thing invented by humans.

My app (Voyager) used to keep track, then a recent update switched to displaying your total number of comments/posts, which I much prefer.

Lemmy removed it (or have announced they are going to?) from the API, which is why voyager switched.

Where can I see lemmy dev announcements? This is not the first time I’ve been wrong about lemmy API lol

I can’t now find a source for this… So maybe it’s me that’s wrong…

Their release notes are on GitHub, but I can’t find (on mobile ATM) the plans for the future.

Eternity has it now. I remember people saying that it’s there but the Lemmy UI doesnt expose it to the user.

HornyOnMain [she/her]

Damn, redditors really are trying to bring every single dumbass aspect of Reddit over to Lemmy too (targeted at the people who made this decision for the app, not you btw)

Yeah, and its right in your face, aswell. Other apps like thunder atleast need you to open a submenu to see it, tho I’d rather it was removed entirely.

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