Hey there fellas!

As stated in the title I’d like to customise my keyboard layout, specifically, swapping the super and the control keys as I am using a mac (fedora asahi remix), and as such, it makes more sense to globally alter this instead of manually creating all the necessary shortcuts


In system settings under 'keyboard" there should be an “advanced” tab or something similar with a lot of these kind of settings, don’t remember if this specifically is present or not. In case yours is not there you can change the mapping of the keys in a root configuration file that I don’t remember, if you need tell me and it I’ll go looking for it


  • Actively developed
  • Works on Wayland and is DE/distro independent
  • Written in rust so it’s faster and more lightweight compared to other similar apps written in python
  • Works on AARCH64 (not sure if it works on 16K kernels though, but worth trying)

I use keyd for this.


keyd is amazing, wonderful, easy, feature-rich, and an absolutely awesome gateway drug to the addiction of perfecting your keymap!

Warmly recommended!

Also, well-supported by kind people :)

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