Hi lemmy,

Iwant to use specific apps as privately as possible.

I’m aware of shelter and the work profile, and I was thinking of using Duolingo or Instagram with fake accounts through a VPN with a killswitch so that it can’t associate my data and usage with me.

Is that in any way possible? Or am I missing something?

I’m running Graphene OS on a Pixel 8 Pro

EDIT: Solved, you can do that with user profiles in Graphene

You don’t need shelter. Create a multiple user account one just for that app… on GrapheneOS. It is totally isolated from the rest. You can use a vpn just in that user profile too


I’ll throw in using a privacy respecting browser to access those websites


Nice, I just did that and that’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks : )

User profiles are an Android feature, NOT a Graphene feature. You can use user profiles in any Android phone in the last 6-7 years.


Those guys r dicks. I posted a comment in there Lemmy community to share my honest opinion and it was removed. But I don’t know why, who did that or even how find out.

if you’re willing to go advanced for a bit of extra convenience, then install a mobile browser that has proxy support and proxify that web browser then dedicate the browser to the web version of whatever service you want to use.


Also a nice idea, thanks.

Android natively sandboxes, so that’s already done. When you’re already running Graphene there’s no reason to further move them to other users, or profiles.

The obvious issue is you’re still pushing data to data miners regardless, whether it’s in your name or not, it’s just as valuable to them.

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