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Tor Browser Bundle on Windows 11 Flagged as malware today
Very weird, this is the TBB direct from Tor. Trojan:Win32/Malgent!MTB ....Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor\tor.exe And it links to :!MTB&threatid=2147836816 Anyone else having issues with TBB?

What’s everyone doing about viewing YouTube?
Seems like Piped and Invidious are both on their last legs. Public instances on both services are pretty iffy, they go down fairly often now. Freetube works well on desktop but no real way to sync subscriptions and watch history to a phone. Self-hosting Piped/Invidious might be the solution but I don’t know if it’s worth the upkeep when YouTube is actively fighting against it.

installing Windows 10 pro without an account.
It's been a few years since I've needed to install a version of Windows on a PC for personal use. I have a license for Windows 10 Pro, but today I found out it is no longer possible to get through the installation without first creating an account with Microsoft. I don't want to do this. Does anybody have any way to get around it? The stuff I've read online basically ends up being create your account switch to a local account after installation and delete your account. I want a better solution. Would installing a much older version of Windows 10 work? The whole reason I got an msdn license back in the day is so I didn't have to do this.

Since Google removed sheltered from the app store, what is the new meta for emulating work profiles on android?
I tried running sheltered from the f-droid repository with it not really working that well; refusing to show notifications during setup. I'm not sure of this is because it hasn't been updated in the last 12 months, or if its something on my end. Any help is appreciated.

EFF to Michigan Court: Governments Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Use a Drone to Spy on You Without a Warrant
**Summary** The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed an amicus brief urging the Michigan Supreme Court to find that warrantless drone surveillance of a home violates the Fourth Amendment. The EFF argues that drones are fundamentally different from helicopters or airplanes, and that their silent and unobtrusive capabilities make them a formidable threat to privacy. The EFF also points out that the government is increasingly using drones for surveillance, and that communities of color are more likely to be targeted. The EFF calls on the court to recognize the danger that governmental drone use poses to our Fourth Amendment rights.

Do not really understand how Android sandboxing works for system apps.

Syncthing | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository
Sync files ([KeePass]( between devices (PC, mobile, tablet, RPi)

My school uploaded photos of me on instagram without my consent
It's what the title says, i don't want to be posted on fricking instagram and my school didn't ask for anyone's consent. It's not just one, it's severeal. How can i make instagram remove them? Thank you for your help

Easy to remember passwords (sort of)
Also wanted to test linking a Mastodon post of mine to my Lemmy account. If anything bungles up, sorry in advance!

Poland Opens GDPR Investigation into ChatGPT and OpenAI amid Mounting Privacy Concerns
It’s not surprising that ChatGPT has been accused of breaching the EU’s main privacy law – PIA blog noted that ChatGPT was a privacy disaster waiting to happen back in February. As the first complaint to be taken up by an EU data protection agency, this case will be watched closely by other EU Member States, and around the world. The Polish inquiry is likely to investigate many of the key GDPR issues that arise for AI programs and be used as a benchmark in future legal cases.

I made an iOS shortcut to remove metadata from photos
cross-posted from: > (Also, I am aware that using an iPhone is not great for privacy. Please stop telling me.)

In the privacy community there are services, programs for private maps use. Some even suggest using the phone without a SIM card (which is quite possible, but you can get into trouble). But I don't use them, as my geolocation is already tracked by an advanced camera system in my city, by my cell provider via triangulation. What are your thoughts on this? Do you use OpenStreetMap for private navigation?

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